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Safeguard Yourself with Mobile Phone Jammers

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Safeguard Yourself with Mobile Phone Jammers

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Posted on 29th Jul 2011 @ 10:02 AM

At three o'clock in the afternoon, the cell phone in his pocket vibrates, which is a signal of receiving new message, Mr. Eden Carbon takes it out and tries to read it. The light of the screen flickers up and then goes out. "God knows who is playing a dirty joke on me," Mr. Carbon thinks and puts the cell phone back to his pocket. As he is busy with an important business meeting organized by his VIP client, he has no time to attend to the trifles.

However, to Carbon's business rival, this matter is not a trifle. At the same time, he is picking up the phone and listening carefully to every detail of the meeting at one corner of the city. The other end is exactly Mr. Carbon's cell phone. Sounds ridiculous? Actually, it's what happens to you and me in everyday life. Your cell phone perhaps is giving out your secrets in face with the  attack of cell phone tracking devices. What can be done to ensure the information security? Fortunately, the mobile phone jammers help us to come over the troublesome problem.

Mini Portable WIFI Signal Jammer With Builtin Antenna

Mobile phone jammers can be used in places where the use of cell phones is not welcome. A mobile phone jammer operates in a radius of 20 to 40 meters and jams the CDMA, AMPS, DCS, PHS, GSM and 3G cell phone signals as well as the wireless connections, including wifi signals and Bluetooth. It is small in size and light in weight, the appearance looks like a cigarette pack or exactly a mobile phone. Thus the portable size and the aesthetic nature makes it popular in the market, for it can be carried easily and used obscurely.

In the place where the mobile phone jammer are located, the phone users cannot receive any calls or dial out, have no short message service and no access to the websites. The mobile phone jammer s are functional in protecting your information safety. Once the mobile phone jammer is switched on, the eavesdropper on the other end could hear nothing but white noise. Besides, it also prevents your important documents from being photographed by the built-in cameras of the cell phones. The radiation from the mobile phone jammer is relatively low and does no harm to human body and thus user friendly. If you are paranoid of being tracked, turn on the mobile phone jammers and carry on the meeting with a peaceful mind.

Have you ever given a serious thought on your cell phone security? Are you threatened by the cell phone tracking devices? Do you want to safeguard yourself? Consider buying the mobile phone jammers in the information age. Find the best one at our website jammerall.com.