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Here is Good Choice of High Power Cell Phone Signal Jammer

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Here is Good Choice of High Power Cell Phone Signal Jammer

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Posted on 12th Sep 2012 @ 9:58 AM

May you have appreciated different kinds of shows before, but are you familiar with the High Power cell phone jammer show time? Then following is the main introduction of the secret weapon for a more peaceful life. Good choice is from www.jammerall.com .

5 Band 70W High Power 3G Cell Phone Signal Jammer(Up to 100 meters)

Talking about the high power cell phone jammer, you must be not strange about this special device at all, because it has been widely used for various areas during this modern society nowadays. Have you remembered the important examination before you come to your ideal college? How many students want to cheat for good result, but there is no use when they take out their phones, because the cell phone jammers have blocked the signals successfully by applying the same frequency of those mobile phones. It is just the simplest use of a cell phone jammer.

In ancient time when the wars between different countries are becoming fiercer, the cell phone jammer was regarded as a secret weapon to block the normal communication, especially the high power phone signal blocker will be more powerful to jam all the phone signals; it has played a key role to the win of every war. But later its civilian usages have been obvious slowly; some evil guys take use of it to achieve their illegal purposes, so some countries enact some laws to regulate the personal use of this instrument.

With the fast development of advanced production, there is less use of the high power cell phone jammer in wars because the whole world is becoming more peaceful. But the civilian use of the signal blocker needs more, such as use it in hospitals, theaters, meeting rooms, schools or other places where silence is needed to keep a quiet environment; or in a gas station or oil station to keep away the unexpected explosion, etc. You see, it is the show time of the cell phone signal blocker in this modern society.

Are you fed up with the unnecessary phone calls for a long time? Don't waste your value youth to worry about the irrelevant problem. If you really want to enjoy a pure life without any noises any longer, you should do is choosing a suitable phone jammer. When it is necessary, switch on the cell phone jammer, then all cell phones within the range of the jammer will be jammed within two to five seconds. The time for starting the jammer process is about 30 seconds and its effective range is within 30 to 50 meters.

Ever thinking that a cell phone jammer can have the ability of jamming all cell phone signals, then come and know more about the 70W High Power Cell Phone Jammer for 4G Wimax with Omni-directional Antenna, you will believe. First, with AC adapter it can working continuously with a total output power of 70W. And different from other jammers, a big advantage is that every band frequency can select output power, which makes the jammer easier to use. Besides, it owns cooling fan inside so that the temperature won't be high and won't affect the normal working of it. What's more, the jamming distance of this device can reach as far as 1000 meters, the output power is adjustable and all the TX frequencies cover downlink only, which makes your operation more convenient.

Last but not the least is that the antenna of this one is Omni-directional Antenna, so it can jamming signal from all directions. But what you should pay attention is that this one can block the 4G Wimax but can't block the 4G LTE signal. If you want the one to block the 4G LTE signal, you can choose the other type.

Such kind of cell phone jammer can be used in places like prison, guard, invigilate meeting room, library and so on. And it is especially good at blocking 3G signal. If you want one just come here www.jammerall.com contact us and pick up the high quality product to yourself at the best price.