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The Video Jammer Can Really Be a Good Security Safeguard

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The Video Jammer Can Really Be a Good Security Safeguard

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Posted on 14th Sep 2012 @ 9:51 AM

Have you ever worried about that you will live under the surveillance? If you are live in such condition there is no doubt you will feel unnatural and always want to find a method to get rid of the situation. And here at www.jammerall.com, you will find the video jammer can be an excellent security safeguard to help you solve the troubles and gain enough privacy.

High Power Wireless Video and WIFI Jammer

Now people pay more and more attention to their privacy than before now and they always want to live in a safety condition with their privacy can be protected, so that they will not be threatened by others. However, as living in the highly developed world, more and more surveillance devices have been invented and used, this cause people to worry about their privacy and safety condition even when they are at home. In order to help people live a safety condition with their privacy ensured, why not have a look at this "High Power Wireless Video and Wi-Fi Jammer"? Then this kind of trouble can be easily solved.


Firstly, seen from the general this jammer product is a two-in-one jammer can it is also a smart signal jamming device. It own the ability of jamming the signals of any wireless video camera, wireless LANS and Bluetooth. And in this way it can also owns the same function as the WIFI signal jammer and ensure the safety of the internet in your area. Besides, it can cut off the signals of different frequency bands, they are with powerful jamming effects, the frequency bands are 900M (895MHZ-1005MHZ), 1200M (1195MHZ-1305MHZ) and 2400M (2395-2505MHZ).


But does this jammer waste energy? Of course not as the total output power of this one is only 900 900mW and the jamming distance can reach up to 20 meters at most, it is really considered as a powerful video jammer. Besides the 2600mA/h Lithium-ion battery is applied as its power supply and when be full charged the working time of it can last for about 90 minutes with good jamming effect. And since can be powered by battery and the size of the device is L110 x W62 x H30 mm, which makes it easy to be take outside. And with such good design it is convenient for you to use it anywhere.


By using this both video and WIFI signal jammer, there is no need for you to worry that you will under the monitor of someone else and besides when you use the internet the condition of your net can also be ensured as others can't use your wireless net. If so when you use the internet to deliver some important documents there is no necessary to worry that someone will use your wireless net at the same time as the signals have been cut off. Besides as it can jammer the signals of the wireless camera, your worries about being taken photos by others can be removed, which really help to improve your privacy condition.


This video and WIFI signal jammer is really an excellent security safetyguard, isn't it? Once you are searching for such kind of device it is the best choice to start your first step at jammerall and pick up the high quality jammer product.