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To Keep Safe with Audio Recorder Jammer

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To Keep Safe with Audio Recorder Jammer

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Posted on 11th Oct 2012 @ 9:41 AM

To disable those entire hidden audio recorder, with this audio recorder jammer, you will live a more safe life, because here www.jammerall.com has known what you need and how to secure a peaceful life.

Audio Recorder Jammer + 8 Meters

Nowadays, we are in an age which is called "digital" time; lots of items we employ today are much more advanced than before. As long as we can think of, we can manage to make what we want. However, this also brings troubles for us to some extent, for example, being eavesdropped on by others. Among which, the audio recorder has been a big enemy running in our daily life, but the pity truth is that we have no idea about where they are and how to find them, we don't need to know their exact position, because we have this- audio recorder jammer for offering you a better chance to avoid the being recorded fate.

If you take security seriously, you should have got yourself a security gadget like an audio recorder jammer. An audio jammer can ensure you keeping aware of the confidentiality of your business. The jammer works by creating white-noise (similar to a running shower), and it also varies the frequency and amplitude at which this noise is created, thus creating a virtually impossible masking sound that someone else could filter out.

Holding an audio recorder jammer with you, you can totally set your mind at ease. Like when you are holding a company conference or going on a negotiation, you don't have to worry about being recorded by someone who is trying to leak out the trade secret.

This Audio recorder jammer is a device that prevents the non-authorized recording of your conversations with audio cassette recorders or audio digital recorders. Jammer suppresses the operation of the recorders by radiating noise interference. The parameters of the noise interference are specially adapted for suppression of many types of recorders. It improves the functioning performance of the audio recorder jammer. In addition, you can use the audio recorder jammer to protect yourself from being listened by many types of the eavesdropping devices such as audio mini transmitters. You can use the audio recorder jammer as desktop device in your office, as standalone device in your briefcase. It is specially designed to show clock and disguise its actual functioning. You can put any office item on top of it (such as phone set, penholder, etc.). Thus, you can hide functioning of the audio recorder jammer from anyone who is trying to get confidential information.

Important Remarks for Use Guideline: This device mainly supports Cassette Recorder and Digital Recorder only, mobile phone audio recording is unavailable for this audio jammer; Please make sure the unit full charged before use, do not use the jammer while charging; The jamming performance will be affected if the jammer antenna direction is not the same with the recorder location.(Antenna direction: on the right side of the jammer if you look towards the display panel, also the antenna point to right)

In www.jammerall.com website, you can find loads of these kinds to meet your satisfaction. Don't hesitate to order one audio recorder jammer for the sake of your own privacy at a wholesale cheap price.