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GPS Signal Jammer Is Illegal in the United States

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GPS Signal Jammer Is Illegal in the United States

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Posted on 30th Jul 2011 @ 10:56 AM

Recently an electronic device called GPS signal jammer wins favor in the American market. It is a device that emits the GPS signals and leads the GPS receiver into believing that the satellites are not operating correctly. For the drivers, it help them to get rid of their bosses' surveillance. For the business people, it is useful in fighting against the tracking devices. However, FCC has made it clear that it is illegal to use or sell GPS signal jammer in the United States. The reasons can be summarized in the following aspects.

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First, the GPS signal jammer interrupts the function of the critical devices. With the application of GPS system into the civilian use, most of the communicating systems rely upon it, which includes the navigation, telecommunication, military procedures and so on. Blocking the GPS signals could endanger the public security. David Last, a well-known expert on criminal use of GPS jammers, comments “GPS is so embedded in the transportation, manufacturing industries and economies of our societies that the risk is high. It’s especially so in telecommunications: GPS is the ultimate source of timing for most of our telephone systems, the Internet and, in the U.S., cell phones.

Secondly, the GPS signal jammer makes the criminal activities more rampant. With the help of the GPS signal jammer, the car thieves renders the anti-theft system impossible. So they can get away without punishment. For the frequent transport lawbreakers, the GPS signal jammer can help them to break the traffic rules, such as drunk driving or speeding, and leaves no trace for the pursuit from the policemen. For the criminals who are required to wear a GPS bracelet by law, the jammers helps them to disrupt the officer's knowledge of his or her location.

Thirdly, the GPS signal jammer would put the national security in great peril. If the terrorists have the GPS signal jammers in hands, they would use them to confuse the military on where their exact locations are or cut the communications on airplanes. The disruption even for seconds would end in disasters that is beyond imagination. The price is unaffordable for the nation. Thus, in the United States, it is illegal to buy, sell or use GPS signal jammers. Even they are readily available in the internet, once found out, the lawbreakers will face with severe penalty.

Perhaps it is not a good buy compared with the fine you pay. After all, few in the United States will be tracked by a GPS receiver all the time. If you would like to know more information about GPS signal jammer or other jamming devices, welcome to visit our website at  http://www.jammerall.com/.