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Powerful 6 Antenna GPS, UHF, Lojack and Cell Phone Signal Jammer

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Powerful 6 Antenna GPS, UHF, Lojack and Cell Phone Signal Jammer

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Posted on 7th Nov 2012 @ 9:33 AM

When the development of eavesdropping technology meets GSM phones, everyone can turn into a secret agent to protect his interests. Because of the existence of GPS signal jammers. When you are troubled with the endless phone calls in some places they should not appear, we have invented such device- cell phone signal jammer for solving your problem once for all, just come here www.jammerall.com to get back this multifunctional  6 Antenna GPS, UHF, Lojack and Cell Phone Signal Jammer, it should be yours right now.

6  Antenna GPS, UHF, Lojack and Cell Phone Jammer (3G, GSM, CDMA, DCS)

Give you a brief introduction of GPS firstly. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based locating and navigating utility that determines a user's precise latitude and longitude by tracking signals from satellites. Depending on the type of receiver and certain other conditions, it is possible to achieve real-time position accuracies within meters or even centimeters. It is usually used in military purposes or governmental issues.

Now more and more civilian uses have been appeared. For example, if you are not sure about your wife's or husband's loyalty, instead of hiring a detective, you can use a GPS tracking device to track down your loved one's movements and listen to her/his conversations. But in every age, life has its own peculiarities in terms of habits, expectations and needs, which you don't want to share with your family members, friends or your workmates. Then GPS signal jammers are used for destroying the power of GPS. With it, you can enjoy your free time and value your own privacy. You can say what you want to say and do what you want to do. What is more, it is a great helper to your career's success.

Along with the increasing use of GPS—and their rising potential for privacy violations—many are turning to GPS signal jammers to protect their privacy. But how do they work? GPS signal jammer is powerful device that blocks GPS interception signal. It applies a code interference technology to disorder the Satellite signal and block the Satellite tracking communication. It will not interfere with the signal of mobile phone or other appliance. Compact and easy for carry, it uses a car power supply, plug and play. You can use external battery as power supply. From above you have got to known the general idea about the usages of GPS signal Jammer, today you will get a device which will give you two functions at the same time, when you are facing with the noises of phone calls and tracking problem at the same time, you will need the following jamming product. Here you go.

The product you are viewing is the High power 6 Antenna Jammer, which owns the working range up to 50 meters. Besides it can even block the strongest signal since it owns an output power of 15 Watt. What’s more it owns the ability of jamming all 3G, CDMA, GSM,DCS cell phone signals and GPS, Lojack, UHF signal. Seen from the above this is really a powerful jammer, if you want to know more details and buy one. Just come here and contact with us. We will offer you the high quality product at the best price. Specifications are here for you: Affected Frequency Ranges: -CDMA/GSM: 850MHz-960 MHz -DCS:1800MHz -1990MHz -3G:2110MHz-2170MHz -GPS:1520MHz - 1580MHz -Lojack:160MHz - 175MHz -UHF:400MHz-470MHz Output Power:15 Watts Power supply: AC adapter (AC110-220V-DC12V) Shielding Radius:(2-50) meters -75dBm (depends on the strength signal in given area.) Weight: 2.5KG/PCS

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