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Create a Private Zone with Wireless Camera Jammer in a Radius of 50 Meters

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Create a Private Zone with Wireless Camera Jammer in a Radius of 50 Meters

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Posted on 1st Aug 2011 @ 10:42 AM

Every few days, we are greeted with the news that robbery happens on a bus, the neighbor's tablet computer is stolen, someone is caught red-handed in the shopping market. Seemingly, the world is in great danger. Well, the monitoring system helps the police to find the criminals and gives us back a peaceful world. However, the problem is that all of us are put in the camera world. Wherever we go, a camera follows us. It seems that we are just acting in an endless movie. Our right of privacy or even safety are thus deprived. Do we have to bear and suffer the surveillance? With the wireless camera jammer, we can create a private zone in our own hands.

Wireless Phone Signal Jammer + 50 Meters

The wireless camera jammer is an electronic device that blocks the wireless video camera, wireless lans and Bluetooth. This type of wireless camera jammer can block the signals in a radius of 50 meters. The wireless camera jammer can help you to identify all the cameras within its blocking range and creates interruption to the receiver, only dot images are available. Besides, the jammer is user friendly, it can be hidden in a pocket or pack bag, and etc, and can be used conspicuously and do no harm to human body and does not interfere the normal function of other electronic devices.

The wireless camera jammer in a blocking range of 50 meters is functional to protect your privacy. If you are trying on a new dress in the fitting room, turn on the jammer and disable the function of all types of secret spy cameras. If you want to enjoy a romantic and private moment with your lover, the wireless camera jammer can prevent you from being photographed or videoed. Most fantastic of all, the wireless camera jammer is a useful tool for protecting your information on the computer. It is great for securing the access to your computer and guarantee that you are not under surveillance.

If you are serious about your privacy, do not wait for the help from policeman. You know you can bring your life under control with a wireless camera jammer. It is an ideal weapon for you to defeat the stalkers. Your private information and other important details can be guaranteed with the flip of the wireless camera jammer.

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