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Buy a Wireless Signal Blocker

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Posted on 1st Aug 2011 @ 11:01 AM

To all the wireless systems, safety is the top priority concern. Someone may use the Bluetooth to probe your cell phone numbers, wifi signal allows your neighbor to grasp your detailed personal information. The wireless connections on the one hand provides the convenience for communication, on the other hand, it also has the risk that the sensitive information may be intercepted by the unwanted guys. How can you guarantee safety in the wireless world? A wireless signal blocker can guarantee the safety you need in information age.

Mini Portable WIFI Signal Jammer With Builtin Antenna

Wireless signal blocker is a device to emit radio signals. By working at the same frequency of the wireless network (2.4-2.5GHZ), it can be used to temporarily disrupt the signal transmission between the devices with the wireless local area networks, which include radios, televisions, microwaves, or any equipment that receives electrical signals for operation. In the place where the wireless signal blocker is installed, the wireless video camera, the wireless lam and Bluetooth stops to function. The receiving operator will be frustrated because of the interruption. Wireless signal blocker is user friendly: the radiation rate from the wireless signal blocker is relatively low and have little influence upon the health of human body. The built-in battery allows the user to use the wireless signal blocker for three to five hours at a stretch and the charging adopter makes the jammer back to work within thirty minutes. With the remote control, the wireless signal blocker helps to prevent from an unauthorized person to leak out confidential information from your computer or cell phones or other devices.

Take a wireless signal blocker with you in the wireless world. It is excellent for businessmen or other people who do not want their private event being recorded or spread. If you are not sure whether you are sending the sensitive picture to the unfamiliar colleague, turn on the wireless signal blocker and prevent the embarrassment. Or if you are paranoid of being tracked by the spy cameras, the wireless signal blocker offers you the complete security and create a disturbance-free environment.

Do you feel the urgency to protect yourself in the wireless world? Do you want to enhance your security? Are you interested in the wireless signal blocker? The best wireless signal blocker is efficient in your individual use for total secrecy. Jammerall.com provides you with the best wireless signal blocker in the internet. The best product and the best service are just waiting for you.