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How Cell Phone WIFI Jammer Bring You to Safety And Peaceful Environment?

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How Cell Phone WIFI Jammer Bring You to Safety And Peaceful Environment?

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Posted on 26th Nov 2012 @ 9:40 AM

It have become a fashion that now most people like shopping for their favorite things online and in fact they found that after a period of time they found that there are still some store online that can be rely on. So a lot of people now are wondering if they have the opinion of cell phone jammer buy online, where can they go? Of course, www.jammerall.com can be the best and first choice, since high quality, cheap price and free shipping are promised and after service can be ensured here.

4 Band 2W Portable WiFi, Cell Phone Signal Blocker

Now a lot of people now have the feeling that their net is sometimes used by others and since they are use the wireless router and they really need it sometimes. And another trouble of them is that they often be disturbed by the noises of the phone calls, and for most of them they want to find a device that have the function of solving the two troubles for them at the same time. Is it possible? The answer is of course yes. And if you have heard about the cell phone WIFI jammer, a kind of jammer device that can block the signals of the cell phone and WIFI at the same time. Here we can have a look at the "4 Band 2W Portable WiFi, Cell Phone Signal Blocker".

Then you can keep in mind how can cell phone WIFI jammer block the signals of cell phone and WIFI? Since the "4 Band 2W Portable WiFi, Cell Phone Signal Blocker" owns the ability of prohibiting all enabled signal from bothering your private space. And with this special design it can block the following cell phone frequencies, they are CDMA, GSM, DCS add 3G cell phone signals. And besides it can also cut off the WIFI (2400-2500 MHz) signal.

And because of owning great portable design and large jamming range that can reach to 20 meters. This cell phone WIFI jammer is compact yet powerful. The total output power is 2W. It must be mentioned that the device can be used in car directly, that means it can work constantly from the car power.  Where can such a device being used? The application areas of this device is wide, it can be used in places like meeting room, security services, churches, classrooms, libraries, museums, houses and cars. And owning the car adapter makes it possible to be used in the car directly.

It is really a perfect cell phone WIFI jammer, owning such a device you can ensure the safety condition of your net without worrying that others will use it through WIFI. And on the other hand you can have a good rest without being disturbed by the noisy phone calls. And where can you get it? Just come here www.jammerall.com then you can get the high quality product at the best price and using it without worry.