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Would You Like to Block Cellular Phone Signals?

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Would You Like to Block Cellular Phone Signals?

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Posted on 18th Dec 2012 @ 10:07 AM

Would You Like to Block Cellular Phone Signals? Have you ever thought about such problem before? What do you think about the mobile phone signal blocker and where you can use it and how do you operate it or will you buy one to have a try? Come here www.jammerall.com , the best jammer store to offer you the best answer about your questions.

Portable Mobile Phone & GPS Jammer with Camouflage Cover

Are you searching for a secret weapon to block the signals of cell phones for a long time? Do you suffer enough with the dins of phone calls? Are you eager to get rid of this kind of terrible situation? Then there is a voice will answer you. I can block a mobile phone signal as you want and stop the noises of calls out of your mind. The hero is cell phone jammers. You would like to enjoy the whole blocking process just with this cellular phone signal jammer for your life, the best one you can have is here www.jammerall.com . Next we need to know something about its history about the jamming kit.

Long time ago, cellular phone signal jammers were originally introduced for the military to interrupt communications by criminals. It is illegal to be put into the civilian usages in most countries. But with the fast development of science and technology, it has now been widely used in various areas, such as inflammable and explosive places, specific silent places, ordinary silent places, anti microwave interference places, confidential places and operational places. The office meeting room, confidential room, mechanical room, school examination room, enterprises and institutions, petrol station, gas station, hospital and chemical warehouse. All of them are under the control of cell phone jammers now. All in all where there needs the silence, there will be the appearance of the cellular phone signal blocker.

The work principle of cell phone jammers is very simple. It enables to block the normal communication between mobile phones and its nearby base station by using the same frequency of phones. So if you turn it on, the screen of your cell phones will show the sign of "no service" or "no signal". That is to say, you have operated it successfully. The powerful gadget is effective in jamming the transmission of signals from different phone systems such as CDMA, GSM, SCDMA, DCS(1800MHz),  PCS(1900MHz), PHS, etc. So you don't need to worry about what kinds of cell phones within its effective jamming range within 30 meters.

Except for its practical and useful specialties, the mobile phone signal jamming kit also is endowed with other advantages, small volume, light weight, convenient installation, and easy operation. You can take it anywhere as you like if you got a portable one. You should be informed that it does no damage to your cell phones and does not interfere with the normal function of other electronic devices, such as DVD player, TV set, MP3, MP4, etc. This kind of instrument belongs to the green and environment-friendly products whose radiation is up to the national standard, you don't need to worry about its harmfulness then.

Often some people ask that can I block a cell phone signal legally. You know, some countries have enacted relevant laws about illegal business and use of jammers, such as most countries in European and America. They don't have the right to get one and use it freely. However, with the popularity of shopping online, there is no need to be nervous. Just open your computer and click the mouse to our company, you can directly get one. Only you use it appropriately, you will not be published for that.

Our website offers you various kinds of cell phones and assures you will pick out a high-quality product with a low price. Free shipping in DHL and no delay are our promise to whoever you are. If you really want to get one, please contact to us www.jammerall.com , hoping a happy transaction with you.