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Move To Better Condition With the Wireless Signal Jammer

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Move To Better Condition With the Wireless Signal Jammer

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Posted on 28th Dec 2012 @ 9:53 AM

When you are troubled by the noises of such as the videos what can you do to solve the problem? As living in the high technology information age, now device such as the wireless signal jammers have been invented and aimed at helping people to solve these puzzles and if you are in such condition and want to gain one, why don't you go to www.jammerall.com and pick up one? There is no doubt that you can pick up the suitable one here.

Portable Wireless Block - Wifi,Bluetooth,Wireless Video Audio Jammer

We can definite that the high technology have bring us a lot of convenient and sometimes we are really in need of it, but however on the contrary this kind of device also bring us a lot of trouble and even disturb the normal lifestyle of people. For example more and more young people like surfing the internet by using the wifi internet even deep at night. And among this group of people there are a lot of students. However, by doing this they may even disturb others by doing so. If there is such kind of people around you, what should you do? The wireless signal jammer is the best assistant.

And here you can see more details about this "Portable Wireless Block - Wifi, Bluetooth, Wireless Video Camera Jammer", then you will understand the function of such wireless signal blocker clearly. Such wireless signal blocker owns the ability of letting you conduct meetings, legal proceedings, or other important activities with peace of mind without being disturbed by the noises, so that the things can go on in a more fluently way.

And then you will see how the wireless signal blocker achieves this goal. Since this wireless signal jammer owns the function of transmiting on three primary frequencies, blocking all nearby wifi network activity, Bluetooth devices and wireless video camera signals. And since owning a jamming distance up to 15 meters, when you turn on the device the wifi, Bluetooth and wireless video camera signals will be jammed and when you turn off the wireless signal block the devices will back to work as normal. The isolating Signal Bandwidth of this jammer device are - 1.0G: 895-1000MHz, - 1.2G: 1195-1300MHz and - 2.4G: 2395-2500MHz.

Besides as it is with portable design it is easy for you to bring it to anywhere that you want to. And by using the car charger, it is convenient for you to use it when you are driving the car. By using the 2000mAh rechargeable and built-in li-ion battery as is power supply, when it is full charged the device can work continuously for about 90 minutes.

Have you know the working principal of the wireless signal jammer more clearly now? This is just one type, and if you are in need of one just come here www.jammerall.com searching the one that can meet with your commands, and then just pick up one and you will certainly gain one with high quality and best price.