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Better Security Camera Jammer Better Life

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Better Security Camera Jammer Better Life

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Posted on 3rd Jan 2013 @ 9:45 AM

Being taken photos by others is really an annoying problem, isn't it? For some people they are really annoyed by this thing. So are there any good ideas or any good devices that can help people from being disturbed or annoyed by being taken photos by others? Right here the security camera jammer form www.jammerall.com can help you to solve this problem easily.

Multi-function Spy Camera Spy Bug & Phone Detector with Alarm Clock

You know now many people like using the cameras to take photos of the scenery and enjoy them, however not all the people use the cameras in this way. On the contrary sometimes the cameras especially the wireless cameras are used to steal and risk the privacy of others, to live a better and peace life people want to find out the cameras that around them in advance and prevent it taking photos. What device can own such powerful function, there is no doubt it must be the camera jammer. And here there are various types of high quality camera jammers here at jammerall ready for you to pick up.

And if taken the quality, the price and the function into consideration together, this "Multi-function Spy Camera Spy Bug & Phone Detector with Alarm Clock" can be your first and best choice. The most obvious merit of this security camera jammer is that it is easy to install so that you won’t waste a lot of time in installing it. Besides, this camera jammer is environmental economy, high temperature resistant, and corrosion resistant. Because of this it owns the merits of super environmental suitability and stability and easy to carry without any auto-detection function. Is it all of its advantages?

Of course not, first you should understand how the camera jammer works. As the security jammer can detect that there is wireless camera around with in a distance and give out the alarming, if so you can avoid the camera in time and avoid being taken photos, then you can have a look at the details and the specification of this security camera jammer. Firstly, this camera jammer owns the characteristics of low-voltage prompts, built-in rechargeable battery Laser Detection. Besides Windows host can be seen through the eyes of all within sight of the camera facing the camera, which is really of high technology and help you a lot. Apart from the above the security camera jammer own five detection modes they are Laser detection, vibration (mute) detection, beep detection, LED display detection and headset. The frequency detection range of it is also widely, which is form 1MHz to 65GHz. And depending on the camera decided to transmit power distance the detection range can reach up to 10m at most.

Still feel that it is hard to solve the problem of being taken photos? Then it is just the right time for you to pick up the security camera jammer now. If you are looking for a reliable place, just come here jammerall, and then you can pick up the camera jammer that you need at the best price with reasonable price.