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Advanced Cell Phone Jammer Is Ready For You Here

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Advanced Cell Phone Jammer Is Ready For You Here

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Posted on 4th Jan 2013 @ 9:41 AM

Wanting to protect your life and privacy from being tracking by the tracking device? Then you may think of buying an advanced portable gps signal jammer to help you solve the problem, and you surf the internet to find a high quality one at the best piece, here www.jammerall.com offers you the best access and from here you can get the cell phone jammer that you are satisfied.

3W Portable Phone Jammer & LOJACK & GPS Jammer

Besides being tracked by the gps jammer, now a lot of people also complained that they are disturbed by the cell phones calls and want to get rid of the situation. And now some people want to find a device that owns the ability of blocking the cell phones and the gps signals, in the past that maybe difficult to reach this goal, but now with the highly development of the science and technology, the multifunctional cell phone jammer which owns the ability of cut off the signals of cell phone and gps has been invented.

As people always want to see the fact with their own eyes, here you can have a look at this "3W Portable Phone Jammer & LOJACK & GPS Jammer” and know the information of it in details. When you see its name you can know that this jammer owns the ability of blocking the cell phone, lojack, and gps signals. Besides it can also meet with many people's requirement of bringing it to the place that they want. Such as when they are driving, and how can this device reach this goal? As it is designed with the car charger which makes it convenient to be use during the driving and such function has helped people a lot.

Besides the total output power of this multifunctional jammer is 3W, and depending on the signal strengthen in the given area, the jamming distance of this jammer can reach up to 20 meters. And to prevented it from producing high temperature when it is working, it is designed with cooling fan inside which aimed at keep it working in good condition. And apart from this by using the 3200mA/h built-in battery as the power supply, which takes about 5 hours to get full charged and the working time can reach 1 to hours if full charged. In this way it is really convenient when you are outside and want to use the device. What about the application areas of such an advanced portable gps signal jammer? There is no doubt the application areas are wide, such kind of cell phone jammer can be used in places like meeting rooms, conference rooms, trains, bus and so on. But if used in some locations of special purpose such as hospitals, gas stations and more, please do field test first to make sure no interference happened to the normal operation of their equipment and instrument.

If you are looking for both a advanced portable gps signal jammer, cell phone jammer and lojack jammer, here www.jammerall.com is the right place for you to get one. What you need to do is just come here and pick up the one that can meet with your requirements.