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Becoming more Cosy with the Portable GPS Jammer

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Becoming more Cosy with the Portable GPS Jammer

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Posted on 5th Jan 2013 @ 9:45 AM

Do you want to live in an environment that is cosy and you can do the thing naturally or want to live in the environment that being kept watching on by others and have no freedom? Of course for most people they will choose the former life style. However sometimes things always going on the opposite direction, why? As now a lot of people say that they are being tracked by the GPS device and have nothing to do with it. If they have know the jammer devices that called portable GPS jammers, which owns the ability of blocking the signals of the GPS tracking device, then their problem can be easily solve. Here just at www.jammerall.com you can find the high quality portable GPS jammers.

5 Antenna Portable Mobile Phone and GPS Jammer (GPS L1,GPS L2,GPS L5)

With the rapid development of the society, the GPS tracking devices have been invented, which aimed to helping people such as find out where are their pets and children when they lost them. On the contrary, some people operate it for some unusual situations and risk the rights and privacy of people. How do they do it? This is because by using such kind of device the operator can know at what time the people have done what clearly and once involve people's privacy it is really a risk to them. In this situation, people really want to improve the condition and get rid of it. Don't worry about it, the portable GPS jammer can give you a hand.

And here just look at this "5 Antenna Portable Mobile Phone and GPS Jammer (GPS L1, GPS L2, GPS L5)", a portable GPS jammer that owns the ability of blocking the signals of GPSL1:1500-1600MHz,GPSL2:1220-1230MHz,and GPSL5:1170-1180MHz. Besides this portable GPS jammer is designed with the ability of blocking the cell phone signal such as CDMA(851MHz-894MHz), GSM(925MHz-960MHz), DCS(1805MHZ-1880MHZ), PCS(1930MHZ-1990MHZ) and 3G(2110MHZ-2185MHZ) at the same time. And you can choose the frequency bands that you want to block according to the situations that you are in, which is really a big merit and advantage to the users.

Besides this GPS jammer device owns highly portable design as the size of it is just L126 x W76 x H35 mm (Not included Antenna), which is really easy to carry and the Li- ion battery DC7.4V/2600mA/h is use as its power supply. Owning good design and high quality the jamming distance of this jammer device is also very good although it’s a portable one, as the jamming distance can reach up to 15 meters at most. When it is full charged the working time can reach 60 minutes.

So if you are looking for a potable GPS jammer that can help you to avoid being tracked, here www.jamemrall.com can be the best choice. There are many kinds of GPS jammers are portable, there must be one that can meet with your requirements here. You can of course get one with high quality at the best price!