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Hot Jammer Blogs for Your Blocking Life

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Posted on 19th Jan 2013 @ 9:58 AM

As long as you input cell phone jammer in the search engine, you can find many manufacturers on cell phone jammer in Guangdong. On the internet, some websites have the slogan that cell phone jammer is the illegal product for people; we can have a selling in small scale. Of course, the device is forbidden in some countries, and in those countries, you cannot use such a device because of the law. A shop owner told the reporter that you can use 530 Yuan to buy the device, and the business owner will ship the device for you within 24 hours, sometimes, you can get the free gift from your purchase place.

Waterproof Wireless Software Controlled Cell Phone Jammer

They have a free conversation without any disturbance.

Lily and Mary have a conversation in the living room. This conversation is very confidential for them because it is related to their secret in their heart. They naturally do not want others to have their conversation content, but you know the eavesdropping devices are flying in the sky for those people with such a habit. Wang is one among those people, and he is desirous of knowing the content of the two girls because it is very important to him. He bought the eavesdropping tool from the internet, and he placed such a tool in the living room. But one thing he did not know about the two girls, they prepared an audio jammer for him.

Solve weak signals with cell phone signal booster

In the modern society we can have a call and we can have a text with our mobile phones easily. No matter where we are, and no matter what time it is, we can have a call or we can have a text freely. But if there is no cell phone signal booster, I believe that your wanted thing will be impossible for you. Put your hands out of the window or go outside for making a call? It is too troublesome for you and you need the absolute freedom to have your call in the area you want to stay. With the device, you can have a cell zone freely and easily.

The GPS jammer stops the spy from US

For the electronic interference, North Korea made many efforts on it. The country tried its best to have a good achievement on it. In these days, the United States coordinated the spy plane to the country for the military purpose, but it failed in action because of the working of the North Korea on the electronic interference. All the achievements promoted such a result, the GPS jammer stopped such a spy plane, and the plan of the United States was damaged by the North Korea. From such an action, you can see that the GPS jammer is so powerful for people.

The radio department should regulate the portable cell phone jammer

The portable cell phone jammer is banned by some countries, but it still cannot hide its good usages for people. In the market different kinds of portable cell phone jammers are emerging for people, you can know the difficulty to find a good and suitable product for use. Then for some situations, it is not good to use such a device without the permission of the relevant department. According to the majority, the radio department should create some regulations for the device. Regulating such a device will give people much more benefits in their life. Only give the good way to use it, you can use it relaxingly and freely.

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