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This Cell Phone Jammer is to block 3G Signals

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This Cell Phone Jammer is to block 3G Signals

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Posted on 13th Feb 2013 @ 9:00 AM

It has been a long time we have no chance to have our private conversation or peaceful time to enjoy more free time. This Cell Phone Jammer can be helpful to block unnecessary mobile phone and 3G Signals. Gorgeous quality and charming price, you will like here just you like the new adventure. 

3W Portable 3G Cell Phone Jammer & 4G Jammer (4G LTE + 4G Wimax)

As the increasing annoying about the continuous noisy cell phone dins, a device which is capable to effectively stop the ringing of mobile phone calls when it is in appropriate time has come into the birth. Its name is mobile phone signal jammer. Maybe some of us are not familiar with it. You don't need to worry about the complexity about this device. Following will offer you details about what is a mobile phone jammer and where it is applied into and how to use it and why. Let's warm up with some simple cases in our daily life. If you are a member of military family team, then in your childhood, you may hear from your grandparents about the fierce war those days. In order to get the win and save lives and protect the territory or right, they will do everything to reach the final goal and defeat all the enemies, while the blocker weapon is an essential tool to protect from the explosion location. The jammer disturbs their locating process by sending out the same frequency with those devices, so that they can't decide where to send their bombs. This is the early time's legend about jammer product.

Maybe after hearing about the story here, you still feel that this blocking device is so far from our daily life. Next you will find it is so near around us. Nowadays everyone has the chance to go to school; we spend most of our young time in that wonderful garden, while there are certain moments we dislike mostly that is the examination time, hard to go through. Some naughty boys or girls like to cheat by different ways. Sending messages or make phone calls signals have been the popular cheating methods. At that time there will be the show time of cell phone jammer to disable every signal send by the students' weapon. So you will who is the real hero to keep the examination in order.

With the fast speed of development in big urban, the ignoring of phone etiquette problem has drawn our attention too much. Especially in some European and American countries, the using of cell phone jammer has been a trend. It is not a good reason for not getting one if you say the illegal problem in your country; you know the convenience of shopping online and high security of their quality, service, shipping and warranty. Besides, the normal phone signal blocker, some new powerful device has come out such as 5 Band 70w Cell Phone Jammer which can't only block phone signals but also 3G signals, etc. Some more functional one can be for GPS, WiFI, 3G, phone signal together. What you want depends on what you need.

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You know you can choose more than a mobile phone jammer, your new try starts from this great one, it is about your great life.