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4G Signal Jammer Will Bright Your Eyes Here

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4G Signal Jammer Will Bright Your Eyes Here

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Posted on 26th Feb 2013 @ 9:48 AM

Want to have a good condition during the meeting or in the office when you are working or have a good rest at midnight without being disturbed by the phone calls? Of course this is an ideal condition that a lot of people want to stay in. However this is really a hard thing to achieve for a long term in the past. However once owning the 4G signal jammer means this problem can be solved without any difficulty. And if you want to have a good beginning here www.jammerall.com is the best choice for you.

12W Adjustable 3G 4G Cell phone Jammer ( 4G LTE + 4G Wimax)

If you are a leader and you are having an important meeting in the meeting room of your company, will you be happy if someone's cell phone suddenly rings when you are talking something that is important? There is no doubt you will be unhappy, why? This is because in such an important condition people should pay full attention to the content that is being talked. And once the meeting is interrupted, people's mind may also have been interrupted and it takes times to restore the mind, which is regarded as a waste of time and will affect the efficiency. And how to solve the problem and prevent the cell phones ring in such situations? Here the cell phone blocker 4G will be a good helper.

Why? You know now the technology develops with a high speed and not long after the 3G make its appearance the 4G signal also come into the market and now a lot of people are using the 4G cell phones so in order to solve the problem absolutely, the 4G signal jammer is the best choice. And this is why there are so many 4G signal jammers in the market such as portable ones and desktop ones, which is designed to meet people's requirements. And which one you can choose if you want to use it in a big conference room?

In such condition why not look at this "12W Adjustable 3G 4G Cell phone Jammer (4G LTE + 4G Wimax)", which is a desktop style and of which the jamming distance can reach up to 40 meters at most depending on the signal strength in the given area. Besides it won't cost high temperature when it is working as it is designed as a desktop style and owns cooling system. What about the jamming frequency bands, is it just block the 4G cell phone signals? Of course the answer is definitely not as this 4G signal jammer can cut off the signals of CDMA (850-894MHz), GSM (925-960MHz), DCS (1805-1880MHz), PHS (1920-1990MHz), 3G (2100-2170MHz), 4GLTE(725-770MHz ) and 4G WIMAX(2345-2400MHz  or  2620-2690MHz). And it offers you a choice for you to select five of above frequency bands you need in a jammer.

Want to know more details about the 4G signal jammer device and make a good and wise choice? www.jammerall.com must be a good place for you and here you can gain the details of the products clearly. If you are in need of one just come here and pick up the one can meet you requirement with free shipping at the best price.