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Cell Phone Jamming Devices Designed For You Are Here

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Cell Phone Jamming Devices Designed For You Are Here

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Posted on 1st Mar 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Although in the high developed information and digital era, gaining the information that you need is really convenience but when you need to buy something from the internet among various online shops, it is also a hard problem, and this is the same with people who want to buy the cell phone scramblers from online shops. Do you have some kind of worrying and want to have a good beginning? Here www.jammerall.com is waiting for you and high quality cell phone jamming devices are just here ready for you to pick up.

4 Band 2W Portable Mobile Phone Jammer for 4G

Do you have the experience that in some special places and situations your mobile phones are out of signal? And at that time you may be wondering what is wrong with your mobile phone and what had happened? In fact if you are going to take an important examination and in which the mobile phones are not allowed to be used you may meet such condition. And this situation happens it is because of that the cell phone jamming devices are used in such condition. And the aiming is to ensure the fair of the examination and ensure absolutely secret.

Are you curious about the working principal of the cell phone jamming device and want to see a true instance? Just come here and you can gain the chance to know more. Firstly, you can see that the working principal of the cell phone scramblers is to cut off the signals of the mobile phone signals and preventing letting from sending and receiving mobile phone messages and calls. And it will not affect other usages of the cell phones such as listen to music and watch the video on the mobile phone.

Now you can have a look at the true instance, just take a glance at this "4 Band 2W Portable Mobile Phone Jammer for 4G",and just seen from the name you can know that it can block the signals of the 4G and this is not all and all the signals that it can block are CDMA/GSM(850MHz-960MHz), DCS/PCS(1805MHZ-1990MHZ, 3G(2110MHZ-2170MHZ) and 4G(Wimax) 2345MHZ-2400 MHZ. And this is just about the jamming frequency bands and as the jamming distance of such a good cell phone jamming device can reach up to 20 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area with a total output power of 2W.

Will this cell phone scrambler be hard to carry? Of course the answer is not, as owning a weight of only 0.8kg and as the size is not huge it is really easy to carry. Besides since this cell phone jamming device is also together with a car adapter, which makes it possible to be used in the car when people are driving. And this is a usage which a lot of people want to own. Really a high quality and powerful device, don't you think so?

If you want to know more about the cell phone scramblers and gain one with not only high quality but also best price, now chances are offered here at www.jammerall.com and there is no need to hesitate just come and pick up the one that can meet with your requirement here.