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Things you need to know about 15-20 meters GPS jammer

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Things you need to know about 15-20 meters GPS jammer

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Posted on 11th Sep 2013 @ 10:43 AM

Why do the GPS jammers appear? The illegal use of GPS tracing devices expose us to dangers that we often hear on the news paper that the unauthorized people get the location of someone by tracking the GPS devices installed in his cars. When you doubt that you may be tracked by someone, you must know that most of tracking devices uses GPS frequencies to do their work. Those GPS tracking devices may vary in various sizes and capabilities, but none of them can operate without satellite connection. So the only way to disable the GPS tracking device is to stop them from receiving signals from the satellite. That is the reason why the GPS jammers invented. Among GPS jammers online sales, the most popular one is the 15-20 meters GPS jammer.

Portable GPS Jammer (GPSL1/L2)

GPS jammers vary in different types. For general users, portable GPS jammers are their preferred choice. The portable GPS jammers are easy-to use and easy-to-carry, which allows them to be put in pocket or carry-on bag. Moreover, the portable GPS jammers are much cheaper when compared with large volume high power types of GPS jammers. The portable GPS jammers often offer the jamming capacity about 15-20 meters. As we’ve mentioned that among all GPS jammer online sales, the 15-20 meters GPS jammer is the most popular type. That is because 15-20 meters GPS signal jammers enjoy wider application than 1-10 meters GPS jammers and 10-15 meters GPS signal jamming blocker. They can often be seen in households, schools, churches, libraries, meeting rooms and many other public places.

When it comes to GPS signal jammers, some tips need to be given. Firstly, GPS jamming blockers are aiming to stop the GPS devices from tracking the vehicles and they have no influence on other electrical devices. So there is no need for you to worry that whether other devices can normally work in your car, where a GPS jammer has already been installed. Secondly, the prices of GPS signal jammers vary from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. A general portable one may cost you only tens of dollars while a professional military high power remote control GPS jammer can cost you more than two thousand of dollars. So you should choose a proper GPS jammer according to your personal requirements. Last but not least, there are a variety of GPS jammers, including portable GPS jammers, full band GPS jammers, high capacity GPS jammers, remote control GPS jammers and so on. These types of GPS jammers are specially designed for different purpose of application, so before you buy a GPS jammer, you need point out where you are going to apply it in.

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