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The cheapest 1-10 meters WIFI jammer

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The cheapest 1-10 meters WIFI jammer

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Posted on 16th Sep 2013 @ 9:39 AM

Are you looking for a WIFI jammer? If you get 100 dollars what would you buy? The good news is that you can buy the most advanced portable 1-10 meters WIFI jammers from Jammerall. The cheapest WIFI jammer offered by Jammerall is only priced at 72 dollars. In all, there is a rule of thumb about the price of WIFI jammers that you can follow: the higher the capability, the higher the price is. In other words, the prices of WIFI signal jammers differ by their effective shielding range. Undoubtedly, WIFI jamming blockers that provide 1-10 meters effective jamming ranges are the cheapest among all phone jammers online sales. How is the jamming capability of the 1-10 meters WIFI jammer?

5 Band Portable Wifi Wireless Video Cell Phone Jammer

Someone may say 1-10 meters WIFI jamming blockers have limited jamming capability that can only be applied in few places. The fact is that those 1-10 meters WIFI jammers are one of the most popular types that they are enjoying wider and wider applications. They are most commonly applied in household and many other private places. For example, if you are worried that your kids waste too much time on plays online game at home while you are going out for work, you can install such device in your home. It will temporarily disable WIFI network once it is turned on. Here are several latest WIFI jammers offered by Jammerall. The first one is the cheapest Mini Portable WIFI Signal Jammer with Built-in Antenna, which priced at 72 dollars. You will never know it is a jammer unless you take a careful look of it. Its shielding range can reach up to 10m, depending on the signal strength in given area. With powerful rechargeable Li-battery and low consumption feature, the handheld jammer allows long hour working. In all, this WIFI jammer is a unit of extreme portability, stability and efficiency. It can be applied in many occasions to block the signal of TX frequency 2400-2500MHz. The jammer is high applicable in office, conference room, car and etc. For individuals and institutions, it would be the optimal choice portable jamming tool. Besides, we also have the WIFI Bluetooth Jammer with Range Adjustment. You can easily take this palm-sized jammer device anywhere you like. The Built-in rechargeable battery allows 1.5 hours working time. The highlight is that its antenna allows 360 degree rotary adjustment and 90 degree adjustment. So you can adjust it to its groove.

There is something you need to know that the jamming distances we mentioned above are for customer's reference only. The actual jamming distances will be varied depending on the signal strength in the give area. More information will be given in Jammerall. Just pay a visit at Jammerall to see what we’ve prepared for you.