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They are more than 30-40 meters WIFI jammer

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They are more than 30-40 meters WIFI jammer

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Posted on 18th Sep 2013 @ 9:56 AM

When it comes to the best selling type of WIFI jammer, everyone knows it is the 20-30 meters WIFI signal jammer. They occupy the largest market share, which are widely applied in every field all around the world. When compared with the 20-30 meters WIFI jamming blockers, the WIFI jammer that offer 30-40 meters shielding range are also holding a significant share in the market. They enjoy more capable jamming capability than the 20-30 meters jammer type and they are often coming with multiple functions. In all, instead of a specially designed WIFI jammer, the 30-40 meters WIFI blockers are the multi-functional jammers with antennas.

Adjustable 6 Antenna 15W High Power WiFi,GPS,Mobile Phone Jammer

If you take a look at 30-40 meters WIFI signal jamming blocker online sales, you will find that those jammers that offer the 30-40 jamming capability are always jammers with several adjustable antennas. What are those antennas used for? Factually, each antenna stands by different affecting frequency range. Taking the WIFI blocker offered by Jammerall for example, all of latest designed WIFI jammers are equipped with antennas. Let’s take a look at the 15W High Power 6 Antenna Cell Phone/WIFI/3G/UHF Jammer, its six antennas respectively stands for GSM 790-825 MHz, GSM 925-960MHz, DCS/PCS 1805-1990MHz, UHF 400-470MHz, 3G 2110-2170MHz and WIFI 2.4G 2400MHz-2485MHz. Once it is turned on, it can effectively block these signals in its shielding range. Now, let’s turn our attention to the most advanced Adjustable Desktop Mobile Phone/WIFI Jammer with Remote Control. It is a desktop designed remote control jammer that is capable of blocking the signals of GSM, 3G, as well as WIFI. So it can help you block GSM and 3G cell phone signal and cut off Wi-Fi connection in defined working area, avoid leak out security data. With the remote control, it is allowed to be turned ON and OFF easily at any time. To make the jamming more specifically and effectively, its six antennas are adjustable so that it can be turned on separately or simultaneously. Equipped with AC/DC adapter, it can be used continuously for 24 hours. Now, you may notice that these two blockers are more than WIFI signal jamming blockers since they can also block other kinds of signals at the same time. They are perfect for locations where WIFI signals are unexpected. They can keep you free from disturbance in recording studios, schools and churches, etc.

Wanting to know more about the 30-40 meters WIFI signal jamming blockers? More information and 30-40 meters WIFI blockers are available at Jammerall. With years of experiences, Jammerall has become a professional WIFI jammer supplier who pioneers WIFI signal jammer online sales. We believe that our WIFI signal blockers are the most competitive on the market. Enjoy your purchasing at Jammerall.