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Are you planning to buy a GPS signal blocker?

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Are you planning to buy a GPS signal blocker?

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Posted on 20th Sep 2013 @ 10:31 AM

GPS, short for Global Positioning System, is no longer just a convenience for travelers. It is also used to land aircraft, guide ships, and synchronize data on communication. We are so dependent on its positioning and timing capabilities that we've already taken GPS for granted and assume it will always be our best helper. Yet GPS, which is originally applied to track trucks, military weapons and vehicles, never thought that it could enjoy so many civilian applications. Why do the GPS jammers appear? The illegal use of GPS tracing devices expose us to dangers that we often hear on the newspaper that the unauthorized people get the location of someone by tracking the GPS devices installed in his cars. When you doubt that you may be tracked by someone, you must know that most of tracking devices uses GPS frequencies to do their work. Those GPS tracking devices may vary in various sizes and capabilities, but none of them can operate without satellite connection. So the only way to disable the GPS tracking device is to stop them from receiving signals from the satellite. That is the reason why the GPS jammers invented.

5-Band Portable Cell Phone & GPS Jammer

GPS jammers vary in different types. For general users, portable GPS jammers are their preferred choice. The portable GPS jammers are easy-to use and easy-to-carry, which allows them to be put in pocket or carry-on bag. Moreover, the portable GPS jammers are much cheaper when compared with large volume high power types of GPS jammers. How to choose the most suitable GPS signal jammer? For users who have little knowledge of GPS jammer may feel it very hard to choose a proper one. In all, there is a rule of thumb about the price of GPS signal blockers that you can follow: the wider the working radius, the higher the price is. Some general used GPS blockers allow jamming range below 30 meters while some briefcase style ultimate types can create "dead space" of up 1.5 km in radius. Undoubtedly, those ultimate GPS signal blockers are far more expensive than the ordinary ones. Anyway, what kind of GPS jammer you need is based on your purpose of application. Besides price, there are many other aspects you need to take into consideration, including construction and durability. If you want to buy a one for outdoor application, a waterproof one may be your best choice. Moreover, antenna directionality can make a difference. Some jammers may be more suited to cover a wide area, like a building, while others may be aimed to a more specific point. Antennas can radiate with many different field patterns, Radius or range of operation should accommodate your needs without infringing on other nearby areas. Decide also if you need compatible accessories like adapters, chargers, and power supplies. Last but not least, don't forget to make it clear that the frequency the device will be working on. So pay attention to this in case you get an improper GPS signal blocker for you.