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Take your time and buy the best 10-15 meters WIFI jammer at Jammerall

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Take your time and buy the best 10-15 meters WIFI jammer at Jammerall

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Posted on 26th Sep 2013 @ 9:57 AM

Just the same with the 1-10 meters WIFI jammers, 10-15 meters WIFI signal jamming blockers are also specially designed for general users. When compared with 1-10 meters WIFI jamming blockers, 10-15 meters WIFI jammers offer wider and more effective shielding ranges. Since they enjoy stronger capability, they are priced a little higher. Most of them priced at about 200 dollars. They can not only be applied in households and many private places, but also in the not-too-big meeting rooms, churches, classrooms and so on.

Portable Wireless Block - Wifi,Bluetooth,Wireless Video Audio Jammer

Similar with the 1-10 meters WIFI jammer, the 10-15 meters WIFI jammer are also the best-selling types among WIFI signal jamming blockers online sales. If you are looking for the cheapest 10-15 meters WIFI jamming, Jammerall is your destination. Most of the 10-15 meters WIFI signal jammers of Jammerall are about 30 percent off regular price when compared with the average similar jammers. Let's give you more details about the latest WIFI signal jammer pushed out by Jammerall. The featured one is the Portable Wireless Bug Camera Audio Jammer. The wireless camera audio jammer is designed to block multiple frequency ranges of wireless spy camera include 900-1000MHz, 1000-1200MHz, 1200-1300Mhz, as well as Bluetooth WIFI wireless spy camera 2400-2500Mhz. The jammer can be an effective blocker to disable spy camera, spy audio, and wireless LANS within its jamming scope. Its shielding range can reach up to 15 meters depending on the signal strength given in the area. In addition, the jammer is a combination of mini palm size and leather cover, which make it a convenient device for general users. Moreover, we also have the Portable Wireless Block-WIFI/Bluetooth/Wireless Video/Audio Jammer. This wireless blocker transmits on three primary frequencies so that it can block all nearby WIFI network activity, Bluetooth devices and wireless video camera signals. Once it is turned on, it can create a "dead zone" within 15 meters that temporarily disable all wireless signals. Then turn it off, it will re-established all the wireless network activity automatically. It enjoys the compact size, which is slightly bigger than a cell phone. So, whether to hold it by hands or put it into carry-on bag, it's up to you. What is more important, it has good concealment that can be hidden in some inconspicuous places.

There is something we want to mention that you should use WIFI jammers in legal purposes. Now, you can feel free to find the latest 10-15 meters WIFI signal jamming blockers at Jammerall. You can decide to which one to buy according to your application purposes. No matter what kind of WIFI signal jamming blockers you are in need of, you can find a right one at Jammerall. Take your time and buy the best 10-15 meters WIFI jammer at Jammerall.