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Capability of GPS jammer

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Capability of GPS jammer

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Posted on 2nd Oct 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Jamming technology generally does not discriminate between desirable and undesirable communications. Jammer can block all radio communications on any devices that operate on radio frequencies within its range by emitting radio frequency waves that prevent the targeted device from establishing or maintaining a connection. So, if you turn on a GPS signal jammer, all the GPS tracking devices in a certain range will fail to work. How does a GPS jammer work? A GPS signal jamming device is able to stop a GPS tracking units from receiving the signal that without which they cannot pick up their position. They emit their own signal at the frequency that GPS tracking devices use, which confuses or blocks other GPS signals. GPS jammers are designed to break you free from GPS tracking and tracing devices of all kinds.

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With the widespread popularity of GPS jamming blockers, they can be seen applied in more and more locations. Nowadays, even ordinary civilians use GPS jamming devices to help them out of unexpected tracking. They install GPS jammers in their private cars to conceal themselves or their vehicles in case it is being tracked by a GPS receiver. We’ve heard that more and more companies are tracking their vehicles via GPS to make sure the drivers aren't slacking off. The drivers who want to conceal their whereabouts began to install GPS signal jammers in their vehicles. So, there are more and more GPS jammers are applied for jamming unwanted GPS signals, mostly privacy related. Since civilians have sought out these GPS blocking devices are great helpers that can insure their privacy in an ever increasing GPS tracked world, it accelerates the popularity of GPS signal jamming blockers.

When you doubt that you may be tracked by someone, you must know that most of tracking devices uses GPS frequencies to do their work. Those GPS tracking devices may vary in various sizes and capabilities, but none of them can operate without satellite connection. So the only way to disable the GPS tracking device is to stop them from receiving signals from the satellite. It is a time for you to equip your car a GPS signal jamming blocker.

We have an easy access to the GPS signal jammers. A simple search will find thousands of GPS jammer online sales. Among the GPS jamming devices online sales, the most popular types are the handheld portable types. They always come in compact sizes as well as cheap price, so they are undoubtedly the preferred choices for ordinary customers. If you are planning to buy a GPS signal jammer, there is a rule of thumb about the price of GPS blockers that you can follow: the wider the working radius, the higher the price is. Some palm-sized GPS blockers allow jamming range about 10-40 meters while some high-end types can create "dead space" of up 1.5 km in radius.