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Never look down upon the WIFI signal blocker

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Never look down upon the WIFI signal blocker

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Posted on 9th Oct 2013 @ 10:49 AM

Today, with the rapid development of high technology, all of us know more or less about jamming devices. Jammers or blockers can effectively help us out of unexpected disturbances. Among all kinds of blockers, WIFI signal blocker is one of the most widely used types. WIFI signal blocker is also known as WIFI jammer or WIFI signal jamming device. As its name indicates, it is a kind of device applied to block the signals of WIFI devices. It can jam the cordless land systems and Bluetooth communications. The WIFI signal blocker transmits electronic signals in 2.4-5.9GHz and it capable of discontinuing all Cordless network and Bluetooth connections. This kind of small jamming unit can also broadcast the power radio waves to disable the communications amongst PC or mobile telephone as well as main stations devoid of breaking in with any connection.

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WIFI signal jammer is only intended for military or government use, which are illegal for ordinary citizens to use them in many countries. There are restricted laws to deal with those who use, buy, or sell jamming devices. For example, in the USA, anyone who breaks the law by using, buying, or selling jammers will be fined, even be put into prisons. More, in most of the European countries, people who use a jammer in public places will be punished.

Although WIFI jamming blockers are prohibited in many countries, we still have easy access to the WIFI signal jammers. A simple search will find thousands of WIFI jammer online sales. Among the WIFI jamming devices online sales, the most popular types are the handheld portable types. You may think that WIFI jamming is hard to achieve that it would require a lot of expensive high-tech devices, but as a matter of fact, it is much simpler than you think. All you need is a palm-sized cigarette case-like device, which is often called WIFI signal jammer or WIFI signal blocker. They come in compact sizes and cheap price, so they are always the preferred choices for ordinary customers. There is a trend that the newly designed WIFI signal jamming devices are palm-sized disguised as a pack of cigarettes. Don't look down upon these WIFI signal blockers. Although they come with small size, they also enjoy strong jamming capability that they perform well in many fields of locations. This kind of WIFI jammer can be a two-in-one or multi-functional type, which can not only block the signals of WIFI, but also jam the signals of cell phone or GPS devices at the same time. Besides, many multi-functional WIFI jammers can jam the many other devices, such as GPS devices, audio devices, and UHF/VHF devices and so on.