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Why we regard GPS blocker as a new hero?

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Why we regard GPS blocker as a new hero?

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Posted on 14th Oct 2013 @ 10:09 AM

Most of us knowing nothing about GPS blocker until we heard from the news that A New Jersey truck driver was subjected to heavy fines after leaving the GPS jammer he was using to dodge his bosses active during a visit to Newark, New Jersey's Liberty International Airport. There is a trend that more and more companies are used to tracking their vehicles via GPS to make sure their drivers aren't slacking off. Drivers, who want to conceal their whereabouts, turn to GPS signal blocker to keep them untraceable. Then, GPS jamming blockers are no strangers to drivers and more and more GPS jammers are applied for staying away from the unexpected tracking, mostly privacy related.

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GPS signal jamming devices vary in different types. Portable GPS jammers are the most popular type among all GPS blockers. The portable GPS jammers are easy-to use and easy-to-carry, and they are much cheaper when compared with large volume high power types of GPS jammers. A portable GPS signal blocker is always priced at about one or two hundred dollars. How to choose a proper GPS signal jammer for yourself? It is really hard for users who have little knowledge about such jamming devices. In all, there is a rule of thumb about the price of GPS signal blockers that you can follow: the wider the working radius, the higher the price is. Some ordinary GPS signal jammer offers a shielding range about 30 meters while some high-end types can effectively blocking the GPS signal even up to 1.5 km. Undoubtedly, those ultimate GPS jammers are far more expensive than the ordinary ones. Besides price, there are many other aspects you need to take into consideration, including construction and durability. If you want to install a GPS jamming device in a large space outdoor area, you have to pay more for a high-end type with waterproof design. Moreover, antenna directionality can make a difference. Some GPS jammers may be more suited to cover a wide area, like a building, while others may be aimed to a more specific point. Antennas can radiate with many different field patterns, Radius or range of operation should accommodate your needs without infringing on other nearby areas. Decide also if you need compatible accessories like adapters, chargers, and power supplies. Last but not least, don’t forget to make it clear that the frequency the device will be working on. So pay attention to this in case you get an improper GPS signal blocker for you.

In all, GPS signal blocker serves as a helper that gets us out of unexpected tracing. With the help of those jammers, we feel at ease that we are untraceable and our privacies are kept in secrecy. That is why we private car owners regard GPS signal jamming blocker as a new hero.