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How Will the Remote Controlled 3G Jammer Give You More Convenience?

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How Will the Remote Controlled 3G Jammer Give You More Convenience?

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Posted on 13th Nov 2013 @ 9:46 AM

Do you think sometimes that it is really troublesome that you are stay in one place and the signal jammer is about several meters away from you but you do not want to go close to it? If at this time there is a jammer that with the remote controller then everything will be perfect, and now in fact it is not hard to gain a remote control jammer and right here you will know more about the 3G mobile phone jammer and know more details.

Mobile Phone Jammer - 10m to 30m Shielding Radius - with Remote Controllerview product details

To meet people's requirements and make the operation of the signal jammer easier and convenient for people now a lot of signal jammers that owns special design has been invented such as the handheld signal jammer, the jammer that own car charger and here what you will gain more useful information is the signal jammer that designed with remote controller that can help people a lot.

So then you can have a look at the detail information of this “Remote Controlled Phone Jammer with 10m to 30m Shielding Radius” that can help people a lot. First have a look at the jamming distance of this 3G mobile phone signal jammer soon you will know that based on the signal strength in the given area the shielding distance is up to 30 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. Besides since this 3G signal blocker is designed with 4 antennas so that it can cut off the signals of CDMA850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS 1900 and 3G without any difficulty.

Thus this 3G mobile phone signal jammer is designed with the desktop style so that it can be powered by the AC adapter and as it can be controlled by the remote controller so that the operator has no need to come near to the device when they have the need to turn on or turn off the device so that they can gain more convenience and even save their time as well. Also owning wide application is also once advantage of this 3G mobile phone jammer as it is the tabletop style 3G mobile phone jammer so that for the places such as at home, in the office, in the meeting room, church and so many other places where need the quiet condition in the fixed place this remote controlled 3G jammer is suitable to be applied as well.

Thus besides creating you the peaceful condition at the same time this remote controlled 3G signal blocker can also help you to protect your privacy at the same time as it is can help you to avoid the tracking of the mobile phone signal tracking devices at the meanwhile, so that you can also gain the safety condition via using this 3G mobile phone jammer. And now if you want to gain such a high quality and useful remote control jammer just go ahead to www.jammerall.com and pick up one here.