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Just Getting a Home Using 3G Cell Phone Jammer

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Just Getting a Home Using 3G Cell Phone Jammer

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Posted on 6th Dec 2013 @ 9:42 AM

Do you have the dream that always can make a comfortable living condition for your family members no matter in the day time and at night? Yes this is the perfect condition that now a lot of people want to gain for their family as now more and more people are suffering from the inconvenience of the cell phones from so many aspects, for example such as easily wake up by the phone calls at night and also concentrate on the study because of the noises of the cell phones and so on. Then the best and effective way maybe get a home using jammer to help improve the condition and you goal can be easily achieved.

Cell Phone Jammer with Remote Control (CDMA,GSM,DCS and 3G)view product details

Almost that everyone is using the cell phone now and at the same time we are benefit from the advantage of it such as share the message in time and transmit the important information in time without delay and also send emails and so on. But however also the cell phones has brought us a lot of inconvenience as well at the same time no matter for people's life and work as well and as 3G cell phones now are widely used so that gain a home using blocker that can cut off the signals of the 3G signals are also needed now and then just pay attention to this 3G cell phone jammer which is suitable for home using and can meet with your requirements.

This home using 3G signal blocker that taken as the instance is named "Remote Controlled 5 Bands Mobile Phone Signal Jammer" which is a tabletop cell phone jammer that designed with powerful ability and its own characteristics then your eyes will of course be attracted by it. This is a high quality home using 3G cell phone jammer that is equipped with remote controller aiming at creating more convenience for the operator as via the remote controller you can turn on/off the device without come to it. And besides block the 3G mobile phone signal the normal 2G signals as the CDMA GSM DCS PCS can also be blocked once using remote controlled phone signal jammer. The AC power is used as the power supply and when connected with power the jamming radius is up to 10 meters according to the signal strength in the detailed place.

Besides since this 3G cell phone jammer is a high power signal jammer so that it of course own good cooling system at the same time so that it will also cause high temperature when working so that this 3G signal blocker can always stay in good working condition. Thus via using the 3G signal blocker people can of course gain high quality life and also gain many other kinds of advantages as well. Having the need to gain one? You chance is just here at www.jammerall.com then.