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How Will This 75W 2G 3G Jammer Help Military Departments?

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How Will This 75W 2G 3G Jammer Help Military Departments?

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Posted on 11th Dec 2013 @ 9:49 AM

What's your feeling when you hearing about the military departments, will you think that it is really a serious place and the information that inside it can’t be given out via the cell phones and so many other kind of communication tools? Yes and in fact the security of the information inside is important as well and that is also the reason why that now the high power signal jammers are used in such kind of places as well and then you will gain the chance to know the 2G 3G jammer and know how will this 75W 2G 3G jammer help military departments.

Waterproof 75W High Power 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammerview product details

It is no doubt that the condition and the details inside the important places especially for places such as the military departments can't be given out and should be keep in safe condition. So that now to avoid that someone will steal the information via using the cell phones and the take pictures or make phone calls and send information out there is no doubt blocking the signals of the mobile phones then is really in need. So just here this “Powerful 75W Waterproof 2G 3G Full Frequency Mobile Phone Jammer” which can help people a lot in such kind of condition will help a lot.

Then look at the details of this 75W high power 3G phone jammer that being introduced here, this 2G 3G signal jammer is a waterproof 2G 3G mobile phone jammer designed with the ability to can cut off the signals of the CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G these 5 frequency bands at the same time. Besides since this 3G mobile phone jammer designed with waterproof function, it can protect itself from water and always in good working condition. Besides since having been designed with 75W high power which is really powerful so that the shielding range is up to 100 meters according to the signals strength in the given area. Also designed with good cooling fan system inside is also the merit of this 75W 3G cell phone blocker as well so that it can always stay in good working condition all the time.

Thus the application areas of this waterproof 2G 3G mobile phone jammer is also widely as it can be used in places as Conference room, auditoriums, law court, library, exam room, school, cinema, theater, museum, hospital etc. And besides for places where using mobile phones is prohibited such as Service Station, Security Services, Military Units, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs and so on it can also be used. After knowing the above function you will find that this 75W 3G cell phone blocker is really designed with excellent characteristics and good ability.

So here if you are looking for such kind of 75W high power 3G cell phone signal jammer, then you must have been attracted by this 75W 2G 3G mobile phone jammer that are being introduced here then just come here www.jammerall.com and pick up this 75W 3G cell phone blocker here and reach the goal easily.