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High Power Cell phone Bluetooth Signal Blocker

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High Power Cell phone Bluetooth Signal Blocker

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Posted on 27th Dec 2013 @ 10:12 AM

For places that own large area and want to apply the signals of the cell phones and Bluetooth, the high power Bluetooth cell phone blocker can be the best choice. As we all know that in many places and conditions the cell phones and Bluetooth are not allowed to start. To create a perfect condition, installing a signal blocker is necessary.

120W Waterproof Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Though there is a lot of signal jamming devices now are for sale in the market, most of them are used in a small room or indoors and not flexible to different occasions. However this high power phone jammer is powerful as according to the signal strength in the given area it is up to 40m since it is designed with 11W high output power. Thus since it is a multifunctional jammer device it can cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G and Bluetooth nearby immediately once turn on it. It not only being designed to be used indoors, if you want to use it in your car, you just need to use the car charger and connect it to the car.


The phone jammer plays different roles in different situations. At schools, to make the students focus on their study and correct attitude towards learning, leaders will adopt this kind of signal blocker in the classroom to prevent students using their cell phones or other Bluetooth products in class. In a church, a sacred place, all the people should be quiet when they do prey in front of the God. This jammer can help to maintain a peaceful and serious condition. In people’s daily work, the blocker seems more important too. Especially in a meeting room, the atmosphere can be very tense and the leaders may request the workers must keep quiet absolutely when they are making a speech. Perhaps there are no other instruments can take place the phone jammer in this case to give the room quietness. There are many other similar places and conditions such as military, government, public theatre and hospitals the blockers are used frequently and widely.


With good cooling system has been installed on this device, you never need to worry about it will not work on for a long time. It can reach the goal of 24/7 continuously working by using the AC adapter. That can offer much convenience to the group of people who are driving a car in the high way. Safety is particularly significant for the drivers in a high-speed road. They cannot be disturbed by any phone calls when they focus on driving the car or the traffic accidents may happen easily. In other words, the phone jammer guaranties the safety of the drivers and passengers.


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