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Mobile Phone and GPS Jammer with Desktop Design

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Mobile Phone and GPS Jammer with Desktop Design

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Posted on 30th Dec 2013 @ 9:35 AM

As we all know that all things have two sides and cell phone is not an exception. It is the truth that we have gained much convenience from mobile phones both in our work and our daily life. However, sometimes the cell phones also cause some problems for us. For example, the peace of our life can be easily broke up by some cheating phone messages and unexpected phone calls. Especially in the special occasions such as the prison and the government secret agency, the important information can be given out through the phone signals. In that case the mobile phone and GPS jammer is a good helper with the function of blocking both phone signals and GPS signals.

5 High Power Antenna Phone Jammer & GPS Jammer

Different people have different preference of phone jammer. Some people like to choose portable jammer because of its easy to carry while others want to use the jammer in the fixed place so the desktop design can meet their requirement better. This desktop design jammer owns the ability to block the signals of the CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G and GPS these 6 frequency bands at the same time and also can block the newly 3G mobile phone signal with 12W high power output. The jamming radius of it can reach up to 40 meters at the jamming distance depending on the signal strength in the given area. If you want to use it in a place which has the requirement of jamming distance, the device can be your great choice. Thus as designed with the car adapter this high power desktop jammer can be applied in the car directly if you use the car adapter and connect it to the car. Moreover, equipped with a good cooling system, the phone blocker can keep working for a long time without cause high temperature that can be very safe for people's use.


This desktop design mobile phone and GPS jammer have been widely used in some important places such as the meeting room of a company, the prison of a country and Security Council and so on. Differ from the normal mobile phone jammers, this device has the ability of blocking both phone signals and GPS signals which add the security to these important departments. With the help of this powerful mobile phone jammer, there is no need to worry the important events will be photographed or recorded. And this GPS and mobile phone jammer can also block wireless signals that is to say if you use this device you also have no need to worry that you will be disturbed by the wireless network outside and gain one more security at the same time.


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