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Extremely 200W High Power Waterproof Cellular Phone Jammer

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Extremely 200W High Power Waterproof Cellular Phone Jammer

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Posted on 29th Jan 2014 @ 9:00 AM

With the improvement of people's sense of security, the phone jammer is not strange to people any more. It is common to see that most phone signal blockers are used in indoor places such as meeting room, exam room and library and so on. And the general power output of the jammer is 15W. Then a new arrival waterproof cell phone jammer with extremely 200W high power comes up in the market for meeting with people’s requirement of using the device both in indoors and outdoors.

200W Powerful Waterproof WiFi Bluetooth 3G Mobile Phone Jammer with Directional Panel Antennas

The brand name of this product indicates that the 200W high power output which enables the mobile phone signal jammer to own up to 150 meters jamming distance depending on the signal strength in the given area is the key feature that can be different from other similar products and takes advantage over the normal jammers. And a big range of jamming radius makes this cellular phone jammer a wider use in different places. For example, in many schools, sometimes two classes can be gathered together to have the same lesson and the size of the classroom is double as the normal one. To keep silence in the class and protect students and the teacher from being disturbed by any phone rings and Bluetooth products, a high power phone jammer with giant jamming distance is needed.


Another main feature of this device is that the Directional panel antennas has been applied to the high power phone jammer so that it can work with powerful ability to block the signals of the direction that you want to block. Besides, it can cut off the signals of the 2G 3G and WiFi signals at the same time. The good basic function of this jammer is really sufficient for your daily use and use of work places. Moreover, with waterproof application and good cooling system, there is no need to worry about the water damage and high temperature harm to the device itself and any dangers to the users. You can make it work continuously both in indoor places and outdoor occasions.


With this high power phone jammer, no matter where you are, in a library, a church, a movie theater or just in your own home, you can enjoy your peaceful life without and disturb from outside world. Phone calls sometimes really make people annoyed especially when you are in a quiet condition where the cell phones are not allowed. And not all people know when should stop making phone calls. They just ignore that their behaviors have broke others' peace and happiness. To ensure that you can be prevented from the annoying disturb, such a mobile phone signal jammer is a necessity and a good assistant. You may come here www.jammerall.com to choose your preferable cell phone jammer for your enjoyment of peaceful life.