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Do You Know the Three-in-one Mobile Phone GPS Bluetooth Jammer?

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Do You Know the Three-in-one Mobile Phone GPS Bluetooth Jammer?

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Posted on 31st Jan 2014 @ 9:00 AM

With the improvement of technology, more and more electronic products appear in people's daily life. The phone jammer which can be used to block signals of cell phones for creating quiet condition is no longer strange to us. However, as we all know that most cell phone jammers have single function of blocking phone signals or GPS or Bluetooth signals. Is there a three-in-one mobile phone GPS Bluetooth jammer? The answer is yes. The following text will bring you to the world of Three-in-one Mobile Phone GPS Bluetooth Jammer with 15W high power and 6 antennas.

15W 6 Antenna Mobile Phone GPS WiFi Jammer

This three-in-one kind of mobile phone jammer can easily block the signals of the GPS WiFi GSM DCS PCS 3G these 6 frequency bands at the same time with owing 6 antennas. This jamming strength makes the phone signal blocker have a good popularity in different kinds of schools especially in the exam room. With the improvement of people's life standard, nowadays many students have their own cell phones even smart phones with various advanced-technology functions. They can get the answers to the questions of the examination easily with the mobile phones or other Bluetooth products which will produce injustice in the students' grades and make bad difference in school’s exam discipline To ensure that nobody can use cell phone or any electronic products to cheat in an exam, it is necessary to install one mobile phone GPS Bluetooth jammer in the classroom to create a good condition for students' serious test.


Besides, designed with 15 high output power the jamming radius of this device is up to 40 meters at most according to the signal strength in the given place. Thus when powered by the AC adapter it can start working immediately to block the signals within its effective range. No matter where you are in need of this phone blocker to use, in a library, a meeting room, or just your own living room, you can gain a peaceful life under the protection of this product. Particularly when you are in a library and enjoying your favorite book even you have been brought into the character's world. A sudden phone ring breaks up this peace. Absolutely we get annoyed and just want to blame the owner of the phone. Otherwise maybe he just forgets to set the phone in silent mode and seems like innocent. We need to bare all of this. If there is a phone signal jammer, everything will be OK.


f you want to cut off the signals of mobile phone GPS Bluetooth in a certain place and so not want to buy three jammer devices, then the three-in-one mobile phone GPS Bluetooth jammer can be your best choice and you can gain a high quality one here www.jammerall.com which consists of various types of phone jammers and many famous brand name jammers.