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Pocket Size 4 Band WiFi Mobile Phone Jammer to Block Inconsiderate Callers

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Pocket Size 4 Band WiFi Mobile Phone Jammer to Block Inconsiderate Callers

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Posted on 10th Feb 2014 @ 9:42 AM

In people's daily life especially on people's way to somewhere such as in a bus or underground, most commuters have experienced rage at having to listen to fellow passengers' phone calls. The endless ring tones and loud speakers really make us annoyed and it seems that we have no choice to do anything about that but wait them to stop. Some people may use a little childish method to express their anger. If someone near them is talking loud or obnoxiously on their phone, they just use the alarm clock app and turn it on a really loud an annoying alarm. Hold up the phone and don't turn it off until the others either move or stop talking. However, why not choose an easier way? The pocket size mobile phone jammer which you can take everywhere without any difficulty can help to create a quiet condition for you with blocking the phone signals.

4 Band 2W Portable WiFi, Cell Phone Signal Blocker

Despite the cell phone has brought many advantages to our life such as providing a better communication platform for us to keep in touch with our friends and families and enriching our amateur life with its multi function of allowing us to listen to music, watch movies and surf the internet. Otherwise, the side effects of the phone cannot be ignored. We may often receive the incoming calls that we do not want to answer and make us annoyed. In some special occasions, the cell phone also can be the major instrument to give out the trade or national secret. It sometimes can make a big difference in people's work and life. Then to solve these problems, the phone signal jammer has come out to meet with people's requirement.


Just as its name, this jammer is portable as owning dimensions of only 104x53x33mm (Not included antenna) and light weight, which is easy to held at hand or even be put into your pocket. Apart of blocking the signals of the 3G and WiFi, it can also cut off the signals of CDMA, GSM, and DCS as well. And with 2W output power the jamming distance is up to 20 meters depending on the signal strength. For the car users, a useful aspect is that this handheld WiFi 3G jammer owns the car charger, with which enable the device to be used in the car directly. To any places where the mobile phones and WiFi are prohibited to be used, this device can be applied.


If you are always annoyed about being disturbed by others' loud phone calls in your daily life and have no way to deal with this condition, check out here www.jammerall.com and find a portable cell phone jammer to help you to create a quiet condition and a peaceful life. You can get rid of the troublesome situation with the help of this device.