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Mobile Phone Jammers Principal and Using Method

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Mobile Phone Jammers Principal and Using Method

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Posted on 9th Jun 2014 @ 11:09 AM

There are a lot of mobile phone jammers that are offered in the market such as the online shop, but seldom people can gain a good access to know more useful information such as the principal and also the using method of the cell phone jammers and just here at www.jammerall.com the mobile phone jammers principal and the using method will be introduced here and then you can just have a look at the details.

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Working Principal of Mobile Phones

Firstly, it is necessary to know the working principal of the mobile phones, and you will know that mobile phones work as follows, 

In a certain range the base stations link up via radio waves and then use a certain baud rate and modulation scheme to complete the transfer of data and voice. Then you will also gain the chance to know the principal of the cell phone signal jammers also.


Principal of Cell Phone Signal Jammers

On the above principal of the mobile phones, during the working of the mobile phone jammers, it works with a certain speed to scan from the front to the low-end to high-frequency channel. The scanning speed can form a garbled interference in the mobile phone message reception, if so the make mobile phones impossible to detect the normal data sent from the base station. In this way the mobile phones can’t establish a connection with the base station, phone search network performance, no signal, no service systems and so on.

Basic functions

1- Slow start function: After connect the power supply of the mobile phone jammer, the power supply of the mobile phone signal blocker will from zero to stabilize within 4 seconds.

2- Jamming function: After starting the mobile phone jammer, the shielding completed within 35 seconds and the mobile phones within the jamming distance and jamming frequency bands will be blocked.


Using Method of Mobile Phone Jammers

  1. Select an area that need to block the cell phone signals, then put the mobile phone jammer on the desk or mount the cell phone jammer on the wall in this area.
  2. After complete the installation, connect the power supply of the mobile phone jammer and then turn on the power supply button.
  3. After the mobile phone jammer is well connected, turn on the mobile phone jammer power button then the cell phone jammer will begin working. At this moment all the mobile phones a site will be in the searching all open network status, loss of base station signals. And lord called were unable to establish a call connection as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why when the mobile phone jammer is working and the on user manual, there is a discrepancy of jamming distance?

Answer: The jamming distance is relative to the signal strength in the detailed place and also the distance from the base station as well. And the manufacturers usually test the general case, so there will be a discrepancy between the jamming distances.

  1. Does cell phone signal shielding has radiation and is it harmful to humans?

Answer: The mobile phone jammers have met up with the standard and cause no radiation and it has no harm to humans.

Application Areas of Mobile Phone Jammers

For various types of examination rooms, gas stations, churches, courts, library, conference centers, theaters, hospitals, military areas and so on where the mobile phones are not allowed to be used or need quiet condition.

Examination Rooms: Can prevent the candidates using the modern communication tools to do the cheating.

Gas Stations, Oil Depots: Can help to avoid the fire, explosion cause by the microwave signals interference.

Church: Can clear the cell phone signal noise in order to maintain a solemn religious site.

Library: Can keep quiet reading and study.

Theaters: As a high-end entertainment, remove noise can be kept interested audience programs. So the mobile phone jammers can also be used in places such as the cinemas, concerts, studio, auditorium where needs quiet condition.

Hospital: Can help to prevent harm to human body and cause medical equipment to malfunction when using the phone.

Courts: Courts can maintain the dignity and sacred.

Military Areas: Can help to prevent the leakage of military secrets. So the mobile phone jammers can also be used in places such as the prisons, conference rooms, government agencies, financial institutions, embassies and so on to keep the security of the information.


New Generation 4G Mobile Phone Jammers

Now to meet up with people’s requirements and help them to gain the perfect condition the new generation 4G mobile phone jammers that with good design have been invented and just have a look at this “Full Frequency Bands Adjustable 3G 4G Mobile phone Signal Jammer”, which is designed with 5 antennas and can cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G LTE and 4G Wimax at the same time. Thus this 4G cell phone jammer is designed with the adjustable button, which enables the owners to decide the jamming distance and the jamming frequency bands according to their real situation. This built-in cooling fan has been used as the cooling system of this high power 4G mobile phone blocker so that this high power 4G jammer can stay in good working condition all the time and easily reach the 24/7 continuously working goal.

For places such as the examination room, prisons, military establishments, courts, conference rooms, theaters, hospitals, government agencies, financial institutions, churches, monasteries, libraries, business negotiations need quiet conditions, privacy and information security in place, this 4G cell phone signal jammer can be widely used.

Now if you have the need to know more detailed information of the mobile phone jammers and want to gain one with the advanced designed and ask for professional advice then you can just come here www.jammerall.com and then you will gain the best access to the high quality cell phone jammers.