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Painting Style 3G Cell Phone Jammer Meet with Your Need

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Painting Style 3G Cell Phone Jammer Meet with Your Need

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Posted on 1st Sep 2014 @ 9:56 AM

We can see that now a lot of 3G cell phone jammers are for sale in the market now and few of them are designed with the hidden style appearance. And in fact for the group of people who have the opinion that do not want others to know that they are using the cell phone jammers and then just take the chance and have a look at the details of the painting style 3G cell phone jammer that will be introduced in this article then.

Hidden Cellphone Signal Jammer Designed for Use Against Mobile Phones

This hidden painting style jammer doesn't look like a jammer as it is just a painting style jammer, and what you see is the painting first so that it is not easy to be discovered. However, this hidden painting style jammer can cut off the signals of the CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G at the same time with up to 50 meters jamming radius according to the mobile phone signals strength in the detailed places. This one is also easy to mount on the wall so that it just looks like a painting. Just by using this 2G 3G mobile phone signal blocker and within its effective jamming radius you can have a good sleep and create a peaceful condition for your thinking or the students' study.

And when you are using this hidden style 3G mobile phone jammer and hang it on the wall it looks like that you are just put a real painting on the wall as well and seen from another point this hidden style 3G mobile phone jammer can also be regarded as the decorating at the same time. So just get the chance and come to www.jammerall.com to pick up the ideal style.