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Wireless Camera Jammers Help You Away From Wireless Cameras

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Wireless Camera Jammers Help You Away From Wireless Cameras

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Posted on 26th Dec 2014 @ 10:01 AM

Have you ever seen that in the TV that some important information are being stolen or record down by people who use the wireless camera or the wireless audio devices aiming to monitor people? Yes, in a lot of TV series we can see such kind of scenes and in fact such kind of occasions also happen in the life as well and now to help people get rid of such kind of condition and live a safe and good life the wireless camera jammers are designed to help people and if you have the need to know more useful information then come here jammerall will be your best choice.

Portable Wireless Bug Camera Audio Jammer

Now there are various style of wireless camera jammers that are offered in the market and since people usually want to gain the ones that is easy to take here this “Portable Wireless Bug Camera Audio Jammer” is just taken as the example here and then you can just come here and have a look at the detailed introduction of this portable bug camera audio jammer then you will be attracted by it then.

Firstly, you will know that this wireless camera audio jammer is designed to jam multiple frequency range of wireless spy camera include 900-1000MHz; 1000-1200MHz, 1200 -1300Mhz, as well as bluetooth WiFi wireless spy camera 2400-2500Mhz. The jammer will work well to disable spy camera, spy audio, and wireless LANS within the jamming scope. The shielding radius can reach up to 15 meters depending on the signal strength given in the area. The blocking range make it suitable not only for personal jamming service, but also work well as efficient jamming solution for serious locations such as conference room, museum, gallery, theater, concert hall, church, temple, restaurant and etc.

And there are also many types of other wireless camera jammers for sale here as well and if you have such kind of need then you can just come here www.jammerall.com and pick up one at the best price then.