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Wonderful color design high power portable GPS jammers are here

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Wonderful color design high power portable GPS jammers are here

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Posted on 4th Jan 2015 @ 10:27 AM

The GPS jammer, which is being designed to avoid the scanning of the non-authorized types, are being focused by the people who wants a perfect space of peace and safety. Are you being sick of the illegal and evil spying which creates many trouble and inconvenience to your daily life? Now they are officially being controlled under the circumstances of the great performance of this high power portable GPS jammer with fabulous outlook.

High Power Portable GPS (GPS L1/L2/L3/L4/L5) Jammer

With this GPS jammer, you can easily avoid the tracking of your location and where you are about to go in cases you keep private as you wish. With the GPS L1,L2,L3,L4 and L5 included, this jammer is totally a almighty device that work with high efficiency. When it is being fully charged, the power up to 2 watt power will be work in the super enduring long time that up to more than 1 hour continuously. Also, it is really easy for taking and operating and the battery is easily charged by pocket charger. Moreover, each band can work separately or simultaneously.

Except for its great convenience, this is playing the significant role in the application too. This device can create non-disturbing area about radius 2 to 15 meters as the shatter. Maybe you will acquire the help of it during a journey or on the way of your destination, and unlike the normal products, this can also provide you the charging whenever and wherever possible. The portable jammer, which comes with an AC adapter and car charger, can be used for recharging. It is both useful and caring for blocking GPS signals even when someone placed a tracking device on your vehicle when you go elsewhere.

At the first glance, this is a jammer that designed in light blue color, which is really cool among the great army of similar jammers and it can perfectly catch the eyesight of you when you start to picking. This total output power is up to 2 watt which guarantee the enduring working time. As it is being designed in the dimension of 113*60*31 mm and the weight of only 0.275 kg, it will suit the need of various kind and environment.

Moreover, as the gift pack, the power adapter, the car adapter, the antennas, the carry case, and the extra one more lithium-ion battery are all here for you. With the built-in fans and wind slots on two sides and the inside coolers that make a constant cooling working, this can perform really good for you to decrease the high temperature during charging. However, the notice that actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges should also paid attention to.