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Powerful portable cell phone and GPS jammer in amazing mini size

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Powerful portable cell phone and GPS jammer in amazing mini size

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Posted on 9th Feb 2015 @ 10:01 AM

It is an undeniable fact that cell phones are becoming the necessary device of people life and have apparently permeate its unique function into diversified aspects in the daily life. And along with the great welfare bring by its convenience, people begin to grow the awareness of protecting their privacy increasingly at the same time. It is really an annoying and insecure thing to be monitored through the carry-on machine and having your confidential information being stolen in this way, especially in the case that the fraud had lifted to new levels in these days. This powerful portable cell phone and GPS jammer standing here is right the choice for you to avoid the danger from the root and you will have a good access through this article.

Mini Portable Cell phone & GPS Jammer

It is designed to have your environment being protected through giving out jamming activities to stop the tracking devices from getting your general trend of affairs. To people who suffer from the unauthorized surveillance, this will be the best option that being strongly recommend. Firstly, it is being designed in the ultra mini size, in which way guarantee you to hold it in hand and taking it to elsewhere without being noticed. Thanks to the internal antenna design, it can realize the working as an hidden device effortlessly. Except for the feature of the high level of ease of use and convenience for it super light weight and delicate small construction, it can also bring you with the great easy-to-power characteristics with rechargeable Li-battery, which ensure for the simpleness of either replacement or charge of the battery.

To provide the service of multi-angle, this can realize the isolation of various kind of frequency bands including the CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, GPS. It works efficiently in these areas and the jamming radius is about 5-10 meters, depending on the signal strength of your location. Needless to say, with this portable jammer there is a great deal of revolutionary changes o the privacy protection whether it is applied in the places in home, in the outdoor activities, in the super market, in the offices, and so on. Individuals, business matters, and institution will al benifit from this assistant to keep the disruption free environment.

As you may see, it is manufactured with the advancing specifications such as the light weight of only 68g. You can take this to wherever you want and the low power consumption, which working time for machine is about 2 hours, supplied by battery help it to work with the effect of continuous higher level. More importantly, the battery can be moved easily by hand, which is the same with mobile phone. Also, the charger of free charge will be sent as the gift to you accompanied.

As there is no cooling fan specially allocated there, it should arouse your attention not to use it during its charging, other wise, the reason of this case can not be included in the category of free repair.