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Significant quality 4w portable GPS cell phone signal jammer

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Significant quality 4w portable GPS cell phone signal jammer

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Posted on 11th Feb 2015 @ 10:08 AM

As the cell phone application become widespread in recent years, the technology of doing tricks has an accompanying evolved trend at the same time. Needless to say, being tracked by the devices that may steal our private information is really annoying and dangerous. Do you fed up with the endless information disclosure unconsciously which in any case is too late when searching it out? Do you feel it unsafe when using your phone with the signal interference? Now, the high quality 4 band 4w portable GPS cell phone signal jammer standing here is highly recommended because of its simple designing of the outlook but the significant effect giving out the blocking signals to the unauthorized surveillance.

4 Band 4W Portable GPS Cell Phone Signal Jammer

It is the exquisite appearance and the simpleness that provide the attractiveness which convenient the application in various areas. You are fully satisfied by this pleasing jammer that can be hold in one hand and easy to be carried to various places. As you may worry about the function, this is really a thoughtful device that only the downlink will be covered by the TX frequencies, and therefore the base station will not be affected. With the jamming device which range is up to 20m, your surrounding environment will be fully covered with non-disturb pattern. What should be emphasized is that the result will depend on the actual signal strength of the exact site.

As a commonly used security gadget, this device is very has extra advantages than its colleges, for example, it can be widely used for the people who is on the phone when driving. It can effortlessly accomplish the targets without letting the drivers being discovered when the phone rings. When they can’t help to be distracted from driving, this device is the ideal option because although it is unsafe to pick it up, it is hard to avoid the conditional reflex and ignore the calling. Thus, it can also be applied at home, in the outdoor activities that may be very easy to be tracked. As a multi-functional jammer, it can work with 4 frequency bands and each band frequency can select output power. Cell phone signals including the CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G and the 1570-1580MHz GPS signal are the prime action object. If you are annoyed by the trackers, this can guarantee the prohibition of the relative activities with high efficiency.

With the battery which power supply is about AC100-240V/DC12V, this is about to work continuously about 90 minutes, and the jammer can work when charging. Its weight is about only 0.4kg which will be adorable choice if you are bored with the cumbersome ones. If you are going to purchase one now, the gift pack with AC charger and the car charger will be sent additionally.