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Cover up your Tracks Handheld GPS Signal Jammer

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Cover up your Tracks Handheld GPS Signal Jammer

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Posted on 19th Jun 2015 @ 9:47 AM

Last month ,a well-known case of kidnapping happened in Hong Kong.Granddaughter of the passed rich merchant Luo Dingbang, the founder of Bossini ,was kidnapped and blackmailed for 28,000,000 HK Dollars.According to the HK reports ,the girl,Luo Jun’er,was imprisoned in a cave of Sai Kung Mountain for 114 hours ,until kidnappers got all money. Police put GPS tracker into the box and then took to the designated place.They planned to track kidnappers,but it was fail.kidnappers threw the money box away ,so ,GPS could not work for police.

Handheld Cellphone GPS Jammer 3Watts output power + four Antennas

Then we want to talk is GPS jammer.We know GPS is mainly used for tracking.Police can catch whereabouts of suspects by using GPS,that’s really a big help to solve cases and arrest.But,if it held by lawbreakers... They control your route and location by GPS satellite tracking your car ,cell phone.Especial in the cell phones we are using now ,most of smart phones with built-in GPS.We are now being divulged our position.It is dangerous ,enlarges the risk of kidnapping and murder.How to cover up our trackers in the information modern society ?GPS Jammer. It was born to solve the situation.


For the handheld GPS Jammer ,it can go with you to anywhere after charging fully ,your office ,your house ,your car and any other places. Turn on the working channel for banning GPS tracking ,it will jam the connection from GPS equipment and satellite.GPS signal will be banned ,it can not report your location data to others any more.But your cell phone still runs well without any influence.Or you doubt that a GPS tracker is hiding in your car ,but it is difficult for you to find it out...Or you have a GPS on your car ,it is used to be recorded your driving path,just in sometimes you want it to stop working....Okay ,take the GPS jammer into your car ,it can solve all for you.You can control it when to work and not work depends on your need.

In additional ,the GPS jammer can also ban 3G cell phones,if you are bored by some calls please try to turn on the working channel for 3G cell phones.

What we want to say is ,science technology shall not be judged as good or bad ,it depends on the users only.If you are troubled with the problem ,just take one GPS jammer. But please kindly note that, the product aims to protect privacy of users, should not be used for the criminal activities. So, please make sure your activities allowed by laws, otherwise, we won’t be responsible for your all unlawful act.