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3G/4G Portable Cell Phone Signal Jammer with 5 Powerful Antennas for you

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3G/4G Portable Cell Phone Signal Jammer with 5 Powerful Antennas for you

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Posted on 29th Jun 2015 @ 10:05 AM

If you have problems with jamming the 4G cell phone signal jammer, while you also need to block the 3G mobile phone signals with powerful function, then this portable cell phone signal jammer with 5 powerful antenna can meet your demand perfectly, you just need to spare little of your time to gain more detailed information about this one, it worth owning by you.

3G/4G All Frequency Portable Cell Phone Jammer with 5 Powerful   Antenna ( 4G LTE + 4G Wimax)

Seen from the title, this portable cell phone signal jammer with 5 powerful antennas will catch your eyes firstly, not only for the multi 3g or 4g cell phone signal jamming, but also for the 5 powerful antennas, which means that it can work powerful and accurate with multi functions. First of all, this portable cell phone signal jammer can block the 4g cell phone signals, which include the 4g LTE and 4g Wimax, and then it can work better than any other sole working mode. Since we have been in 4G era now, there are crowded of cell phones, which are mostly work in 3g or 4g circumstance, then if you have purpose to get rid of the annoying signal around you or you just want to own a quiet condition when you are alone, then this portable can be your optimal choice, the most important point of this gadget is the portability, which will allow you to use it at any time or anywhere. This will make it convenient for you to apply it into your daily life. an unique advantage of this 3g/4g portable cell phone signal jammer is the adjustable of the working frequency band, when you just want to block some of the certain cell phone signal, then you can turn it off when you operate it on some certain frequency bands, this means that you can choose it according to the different situations and your requirements. In other words, it can be a quite practical device. In addition to the merits shown above, you may need to pay attention to the working distance that it can reach, this portable cell phone signal jammer can adjust it with the change of cell phone signal length or the local situation, and the jamming distance can reach 15 meters at most, then it can work precisely than fixed similar cell phone signal jammer. Another outstanding feature is the wide usage; it can be used in the car with a matching of car charger.


Although there has been full of different and similar cell phone signal jammers in the market, while this portable cell phone signal jammer can your best choice? If you are the smart person and had acknowledged the detailed information about it, then you will be attracted by it. Moreover, you can get it at best price as you expected before, the first step that you should take is come to www.jammerall.com to have a look.