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Is It Necessary to Make Sure the Check List Before Shipping Signal Jammer?

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Is It Necessary to Make Sure the Check List Before Shipping Signal Jammer?

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Posted on 7th Aug 2015 @ 9:00 AM

Do you think that after get an order the preparatory before shipping is important? Of course the answer is yes, as if you do not make sure about the check list may be it is possible that you will less sending the accessories to your customer or sometimes other kinds of mistakes happens and this is also the same for the signal jammer world.

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We all know that shipping and checking are very important steps in dealing with the order. Take the mobile phone jammer for example, first you should check whether the mobile phone signal jammer can work as normal and block the signals of the cell phones and then check whether all the accessories are in the box. And before packing the product also should make sure again all the accessories are included and then wrapped the package and ship it to the customer. May be some people will think such kind of steps may waste time but in need this is really necessary, then you will see why.

For example as some signal blockers are equipped with the car charger so that enable them to be used in the car and once the shipper forget to put it in or when examining the signal blocker just take it out and forget to put it in, this is really a trouble and will affect the using of the signal blocker when the buyer received it, but if make sure about the check list before shipping such kind of problem can always be found out and the take measures to avoid it soon. And also as the antennas for the signal blockers are an essential part if take measures and checking about the check list such kind of problem can also be avoid as well.

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