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What Can't Do after Chemical Explosions

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What Can't Do after Chemical Explosions

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Posted on 17th Aug 2015 @ 10:00 AM

Different with general explosions and fire disasters,chemical explosions are more dangerous and complex.Harm from un-known explosive,secondary explosion and large quantities of harmful gas--that are serious problems of chemical explosions.And,the problems what we are facing to after Tianjin Explosions happened on two days ago.

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We must know what can't do after chemical explosions,we will never know where is the next misfortune,who is the next unfortunate.This is self-save.

Don't turn back for money Evacuate from danger zone as soon as possible,if you are not a EHS expert,do escape,just remember.Don't rush to fire and try to control.If ok,please help others in need.Life is the number one,let money go.And there may be secondary explosion,so,move!

Avoid down-wind direction May be Fulled with harmful gas,we’d better choose an available path to keep distance from bombing center and harmful gas.Walk towards windward is much safer than the downside,the same with highland and lowland.Because density of harmful gas is heavier than air's.

Don't try to quench fire by water Chemical explosions are not the same with general fire disaster,maybe water can do nothing to fire ,more worse is ,it will cause stronger explosions and fire.

Don't try to use mobile phones Especially you are in the center zone of explosion!Never try to do that!The first action of almost people is calling for help by their mobile phones without any hesitation!A suggestion to emergency rescue troops is ,fix mobile phone signal jammer on the center zone of explosions to avoid secondary explosion caused by phones using.Combustible gas and stive is anywhere,new explosives and fire may come with any spark.The same reason with "why can't use cell phones at oil station and in explosive delivery trucks",we can't make and receive calls in the center zone of danger until we leave to safe.But not all people know that ,and hard to distinguish whether chemical explosion it is at the first time.Mobile phone signal jammer shall come with other rescue equipment.

It’d better can jam almost of cell phones,2G,3G,4G and WiFi.Our model ,6Antenna High Power Adjustable WiFi 3G 4G All Mobile Phone Signal Jammer,is good at the work.When the mobiel phone jammer works in the center zone ,signal of mobile phones will be jammed ,can’t work any more.Certainly,it shall be fixed in a safe place where there may be not explosions.Avoid cell phones using ,avoid secondary explosion and stronger fire.It is not only an ad.