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What is the use of GPS Satellite Signal Blocker?

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What is the use of GPS Satellite Signal Blocker?

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Posted on 18th Sep 2015 @ 9:55 AM

With the development of society there are more and more information to be exposed every day. Some people use variety kinds of spies to steal people's information to get vast improper benefit and some of them just feel bored and want to make fun of other people. But the result is painful. Information lost just makes most people annoying but for those one who are politicians and businessmen. It’s enough to ruin their career and family. And now there is still growing number of victims which are resulting in information lost.

Mini GPS Satellite Isolator

In order to deal this kind of problems, people become use some anti-spy tools. For example in response to the GPS tracker people invented the GPS signal jammers to reduce the harm.

Here is a Mini GPS Satellite Signal Blocker which is designed to prevent the GPS signal tracking the signal so that it could not work normally.

This device is mainly used in the car where there is the most frequently place to be used by GPS tracker. The Mini GPS Satellite Signal Blocker is effective and the work distance could reach 15 meters. It is more powerful than other similar products which can only reach 10 meters.

What you need to know is that this kind of GPS signal jammers in the car mostly is used to cutting the signal of GPSL1 trackers .You need to search other GPS bands by hand according to your need. And you can believe that is it very easy to use. But you still need to put some attention on these sides:

First, you should use it after this Mini GPS Satellite Signal Blocker is fully charged and you’d better Use it when it is charging or it may strikes or reduce work time. It is in stock and we promise to delivery in hours. You can send it back and we provide a 1 year warranty. Second, the jamming distances is varied according to the signal strength and the specific work location.

And jammerall is a professional jammer products supplier. We have many fixed customers from all over the world. You can get the high quality wholesale jammers and many other kinds of jammers which are produced in China. They all have great quality and proper price.

However before you submit the Order, you’d better chat with the online service about the specific parameters .Then you can get the most suitable products and the best service.