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V Cell Phone Jammer is Needed at Home

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V Cell Phone Jammer is Needed at Home

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Posted on 23rd Sep 2015 @ 9:00 AM

Sometimes our home needs cell phone jammer indeed,you know,if kids have great interest in smart phones...Parents can try some parental control and monitoring software if they want,but once kids get the freedom of smart phone with data plan -- parents can monitor only but not control or limit.

6 Antenna Portable WiFi 3G 4G Phone Signal Jammer

That is a big problem to parents ,so why we say a cell phone jammer is needed at home.If parents have the ability and right to cut off the WiFi at home ,they should have the option to cut the cell phone signal as desired.The solving way is wiser & milder than grabbing from hands and more effective than putting in airplane mode.Cell phone jammer can blocks cellular phone signal and WiFi at home when parents are out,helps children to get rid of internet and focus on their works.Also,it is another way to protect eyes.But we know ,all of these are predicated on other lines being available for emergencies,or at the least someone having the expectation of mobility enough to get outside the jammer’s range.

For the understanding purpose,the WiFi & cell phone jammer is being recommended.The portable WiFi blocker can be placed in where there is a strong signal or where the children stay in.If child is trying to play by secretly,parents can place the jammer inside or outside their rooms -- they will found there is no any WiFi signal for tables and phones.How about if they try to use phones GPRS?No worries,the WiFi blocker is multifunctional ,it can also block most all cell phones signal,2G 3G 4G.The blocker will break connection of cell phones and base stations,no unavailable signal for phones.The same with GPRS.So ,nothing they can use and nothing they can do besides reviewing lessons.It is rough to children in fact,but parents are failure and tired in persuading.

You may visit here for more portable ,fixed,adjustment,GPS,WiFi,Bluetooth,RF and other types of cell phone jammers  Kindly note that, the product should not be used for the criminal activities.So, please make sure your activities is permitted by laws, otherwise, we won’t be responsible for your all unlawful act.