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Why do we need to use a Mobile Phone Blocker?

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Why do we need to use a Mobile Phone Blocker?

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Posted on 30th Sep 2015 @ 10:26 AM

The mobile phone is more and more popular now and the vast majority of us have depended on it too much. We use the mobile to send messages, listen to music and also use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transfer files or to access the Internet. It makes our daily life becomes colorful but also crowded. Some people just can't live without mobile phone.

6 Antenna Portable WiFi 3G 4G Phone Signal Jammer

But the problem is at some situation mobile phones are prohibited. For example you may often be asked to turn off your phone when you are on the flight. At some serious situation such as an important exam examination room and confidential meetings the phone signal is also unwelcome.

That's one reason for the mobile phone jammers come into being.

In general, high output power of mobile phone jammers could be applicable for most of mobile phone jammers. For example this Portable Wifi Bluetooth 3G 4G Mobile Phone Blocker is one of such kind of products.

It is a compact size interference 3W output power and equipped with a powerful antenna. The work range of it could up to 20 meters whose shield can effectively block all specified signals such as CDMA / GSM, DCS / PCS and so on. You can set up the shield according to your needs. For example, you can turn off a specific frequency band separately without affecting other bands because different phone models use different signals and you can choose which one to interference.

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