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Adjustable 3G 4G LTE Mobile Jammer with High Power

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Adjustable 3G 4G LTE Mobile Jammer with High Power

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Posted on 2nd Oct 2015 @ 9:00 AM

Nowadays we are pursuing high quality living standard and zero tolerance for the spare time can be the perfect environment. It is really uncomfortable when we are being monitored by some kind of device such as the wireless camera, the GPS tracking device and so on. People will feel that there is an eye looking at them whatever you do at any time. Also some people may sorry about that the criminals may steal their confidential information through wireless devices and Bluetooth products with strong WiFi signals. If you want to solve this problem, do not hesitate to click www.jammerall.com which is a collection of signal jammers with good function of blocking several kinds of signals, especially the adjustable high power 3G 4G LTE mobile jammer which can help to cut off GPS VHF and UHF signals at the same time.

3G 4G LTE Phone WiFi Blocker& GPS VHF UHF All Frequency Jammer(USA Version)

This kind of phone signal blocker can help a lot to prevent you from annoying tracking devices and endless loud cell talks. The adjustable cell phone jammer is a high power blocker which is designed with the adjustable button so that people can decide the jamming frequency and the jamming distance of the WiFi GPS VHF UHF according to their detailed needs. As the product owning 16W high output power the shielding range of this WiFi GPS VHF UHF cell phone jammer is also powerful with the jamming range reaching up to 50 meters at most. Besides, a good design of the cooling fan inside of the Bluetooth GPS jammer also makes it possible and easy for the gadget to obtain the 24/7 continuously working.

As we can’t be alive without eating food and drinking water, the essential security is also playing an important role in our life. The main reason for people to look for a kind of device to block the tracking signals is that the tracking device has made their life out of order and is really a risk for them with trapping them in an unsafe condition. To get a natural, safe and ideal life without being disturbed and interfered by others, the mobile jammer is a necessity in your daily life and work. Although the jammer introduced in this article can be most used in the fixed places due to the special design, there are other portable and handheld size cell phone jammers in that net which make it convenient for you to put them in your coat pocket whenever and wherever you are.

Now you may have a basic knowledge about the cell phone jammer and its function. To get a high quality such device with competitive price, a better choice is to pick up one from the net and our store is deserved to rely on since there are various brands of jammers in different sizes and we can provide you the thoughtful before and after sale service with professional advice about the product.