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All in One GPS Jammer

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All in One GPS Jammer

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Posted on 16th Oct 2015 @ 10:14 AM

The all in one GPS jammer helps us to prevent GPS monitoring on our persons,cell phones,or vehicle ,and stop tracking number.The GPS jammer comes with an option for blocking WiFi ,GPS,VHF,UHF,LoJack,2G,3G,4G--that why we say it is a all in one GPS jammer.

Newest 12 Antennas Powerful Cell Phone 3G 4G WiFi GPS VHF UHF LoJack All Bands Signal Jammer with Power Adjustable

The GPS jammer maintains our privacy,keeps our movements private,and avoids unauthorized surveillance by utilizing a jamming device with it’s powerful,stability and flexibility performance.It is a heavy duty GPS jammer used for prisons,companies,military or other large scale applications.Similar working principle with blocking cell phones ,GPS jammer cuts off communication between equipment ,stations and satellite.Fools they into thinking there are no frequencies available to get.So we can see nothing change or showing “0” on it’s display device.GPS monitoring on cell phones(or software),cars will be well blocked,no one knows where you are,where have you been by GPS monitoring.Even can blind military GPS equipment in actual combat and maneuvers.No GPS tracking,cell phones, interphones,LoJack can be used in investigation works -- guided missiles lost their eyes,can not attack target accurately,they were blind.

The powerful signal jammer has 12 antennas,adjustable setting dials directly on the unit allow for modification of the coverage area from zero to full power,independently on each channel.And has a wide cover range,up to 50m--you know the jamming radius depends on the strength signal in given areas.The GPS jammer is not a signal function device,it is a newest coming jammer ,with the most complete functions.There are still some other blocking targets were not mentioned,but you will find well after reading the specification.

It is not a simple GPS jammer,you are being reminded again,it is a professional all in one jammer in blocking WiFi ,GPS,VHF,UHF,LoJack,2G,3G,4G cell phones.