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What is Correct Attitude to the Teacher Who Resorted to a Mobile Phone Jammer

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What is Correct Attitude to the Teacher Who Resorted to a Mobile Phone Jammer

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Posted on 19th Oct 2015 @ 10:54 AM

Attitudes to the teacher who was suspended without pay for five days from Fivay High School in Pasco County due to he resorted to a mobile phone jammer , Liptak ,are different in two positive and negative aspects,But someone feel sympathize...The school restricts the device but people don't think that is a good idea.

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We know when the signal jammers works in classroom,all mobile phones will be disable in working.Signal jammers are devices emit signal in the same frequency range with the phones use,well blocking transmissions by creating by strong interference.So students can’t play with their phones anymore in class -- teachers have to do this because almost of students are allowed to bring cell phones to class,but they are lack in possessiveness.

It was found that following a ban on phone use,test scores of students are well improved by 6.41% of a standard deviation -- if a ban is not widely complied with there won’t be significant gains in students’ performance.Furthermore,the effect is driven by the most disadvantaged and underachieving pupils-- parents and teachers should know ,your kids/students are not weak in their works in fact,they are just being diverted attention from mobile phones.Students in the lowest quartile of prior achievement gain 14.23% of a standard deviation.To some in the top quartile students are neither positively nor negatively affected by a phone ban.So far,it is obviously that low-achieving students are more likely to be distracted by the presence of mobile phones,while high achievers can focus in the classroom regardless of the mobile phone policy.The attitude of understanding and sympathizing comes from here.

Schools that use signal jammers and restrict access to mobile phones subsequently experience an improvement in test scores.And,if the use of phone is properly structured the findings do not discount the possibility.Anyway,the device should be understood in teaching ,it is just a teaching tool and measure in case of necessity.